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I am Charlie, I use the name Chimaera after a group of strange fishes I do research on.

I am in North London and got introduced to carnivores a long time ago when I was working in Madagascar and saw pitchers in the wild there. I later got some unnamed Sarra hybrids, but being in a flat couldn't overwinter them so gave the survivors away. Fast forward 15 years and after having to let an allotment plot go, last year my 6year old some got me a wild-type VFT as a present (for himself I suspect), and later got s couple of Sarras and a D. capensis (on which i tried to replicate Darwin's 'urine experiment' without clear success). These have done so well in a cold greenhouse that I have recently bought a few more plants while they are dormant, mostly wild type species of Sarra and a couple of others. Looking forward to seeing them grow in  Spring. 

Please be prepared for some "I have answered this one dozens of times before" questions.

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