Our first year with VFTs

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Hi all,


Like to post and show our first few VFTs, it was the youth asking about them that started our journey with carnivorous plants for us so we have a soft spot for these!


Our first plant was from Hampshire carnivorous and is a standard form. We wanted one of these first just to have as a comparison to some of the others available, they seem to make a decent looking clump and we just like the look of the plant all round. Very keen on having standard anything in the collections really so no different here!


The Little Shop of horrors was our next stop for plant stock and we went for the giant thing first off but also a little more variety, after much deliberation we went for –


B52 – it’s big apparently, seems like a popular choice so why not, let’s have a look.


Darwin – again with the big, has some interesting parents it would seem so why not, some here have a dream of catching big bugs so we have been swayed by that goal a little.


All Green form - looks amazing and of course we want some variety in the plants too, even with just a four plants the green really stands out in the tray and looks stunning.


So we have some plants to play with now and we will try and get a few more in the New Year but for all types of vegetative propagation we will have material to work with quite quickly really. We also want to make a couple of our own crosses at some point too so these are the first stock for that.


Happily we don’t have to wait for that long to sow some seeds though and we are very happy to have some VFT seeds from Triffid. After having a quick look for a couple of hours we emptied my pockets and went for 10 each of -


Switzerland Giant x Open Pollinated – A combination of the kids liking the giant bit and me liking the open pollinated bit, it’s a bit of a surprise by definition and we like that


Triffid Giant TR4 – Well we’re ordering some from Triffid so let’s see what their giant is like!


XL Clone x XL Clone - Sounds big lol!


Really can’t wait to sow these! Have to say we were very pleasantly surprised to see two free types of Dionaea along with the ones we ordered, Green Dragon and BCP H06. Basically we have the chance to grow two more types and we are proper made up with that and the kids were over the moon when we opened them, to have four to propagate from and now five to grow from seed means this part of our collection is much better than we could have imagined now.


Will work out the photo thing soon but their nothing you lot haven't seen already! We're off though and roll on 2018 :)

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Do not leave your dionaea in the pots of origins of the gardening. These probably contain fertilizers.
You will have a real glimpse of your plants in a new substrate of peat and sand.

Hello from France

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Hello France and Manchester :)

Thank you Lucien but yes as Alexis says I think I am safe with the source here and the standard I have potted on using just peat so that would be my own fault already! The others I was going to let grown on next season as they are happy in the pot at the moment.

I have some seeds to sow so when I have some more I will try a peat / sand mix, be nice to see any differences between media.

Thanks both,


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