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Paypal payment request.

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I saw one of the member here at CPUK was selling VFT's so i sent them a PM asking if VFT scarlatines were available. Included my private email adress to make communication quicker and for me easier.

I received a paypal payment request 1 hour later. Just a paypal adress no other info apart from the sellers name and in the post "" 2 scarlatine ""

I haven't' had any contact with the seller , have no information regarding the vft's , size ect of even a photo.

Find it a bit strange. What's your take on it ?

Im not going to even consider paying .. .feels very wrong.


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Nothing in your spam folder? I would never send a payment request if there hadn't been clear communication on what, how much, etc, but I'm sure there's no ill intent behind it.

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