My little collection of Petiolaris Complex Drosera

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Darwiniana    3


My name is Danny and I'm from Germany.
I wanted to show you some pictures of my little collection of Petiolaris complex Drosera. I cultivated the types of section Lasiocephala since now 3 years very successful.
I hope you like it.
If any of you have any questions, then always bring it here.


Sry My english is Not so good.IMAG0010-2000x1125-1500x844-750x422.jpg.47970f0c99a0c971cad1f954fc3849dd.jpgIMAG0007-2000x1125-1500x844-600x338.jpg.fd87f049ed80b21ca8a27096e5709c4b.jpgIMAG0009-2000x1125-800x450.jpg.77d0f568831369745b88c145fe3b8fdb.jpgIMAG0005-2000x1125-1500x844-750x422.jpg.da5f8e2beb936ea17f08ffcb68dae9ff.jpgIMAG0004-2000x1125-1500x844.thumb.jpg.2ade7e27a0f4912348c38d77f17b9f8a.jpg

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Tim B.    6

Hey Danny,

Wow, really nice collection of Drosera... 

Especially the lanatas looking really cool!


Kind regards,


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Darwiniana    3



Thanks  for your kind words.

Then here's my setup for the Petiolaris Drosera.

My plastic tubs in which the plants are are standing in a room under the roof, there is the temperature at a few hours of sunshine always over 30 degrees. From the temperatures thus an optimal place. Direct sunlight does not get the plants off.

Light: 4x 39W fluorescent Tube High Output
2x 6500 K. and 2x 3000 K.
A secret Jardin finished faucet 2x 36 watts. 1x 6500K and once 2700K.
Duration of lighting: 12,5h

Lux: Don't have a real Luxmesser just an app for your smartphone. The measurement resulted in approx. 15000Lux.

Humidity approx. 65%-70% in daylight and around 90% at night.
Temperatures: On the day between 28-35 degrees.
At night between 24-28 degrees.
There is no fan in use.


Regards Danny

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Carnivine    72

Lovely plants, wish I could get a collection going like that.

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