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Craig Malcolm Gibbon

Minimum depth for a tub garden?

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jcz    5

It clearly depends on what species you will grow. A Pinguicula garden can be planted in a few centimetres of soil, while adult Sarracenia appreciate deep soil. I am pretty bad estimating numbers, but with about 20 centimetres depth I would say that you can grow almost all carnivorous plants.

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Stu    85
On 10/08/2017 at 9:34 PM, Craig Malcolm Gibbon said:

What, in your opinion, would be an absolute minimum depth for a CP Trough?

60 mm or less!

I have a small 'miniature bog garden' (of sorts) consisting of d.muscipula, d.muscipula 'akai ryu', d.capensis 'alba', and U.dichotoma all growing in flooded sphagnum within a 220 mm x 165 mm x 60 mm seed tray. I'll post a pic later to show what it looks like.

As long as the substrate does not completely dry out, they'll be fine in very small depths. The question you need to ask yourself is how often do you want to water them... a very shallow container in full sun will need regularly topping up.

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