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Seed light box led

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My first try at growing seeds under lights need some tips.

box is 200 W x 180 D 750 L  It will hold 3 seed trays.

the box will hold water tight for the trays to sit in.

the light are T8 LED's 10 watt 600 Long 6000k cool light.

the temp at the moment after an hour is 28.7 c.

where do you keep your light box in winter inside garage or inside house.

how long to keep the light on in a 24 hour period.

what's  the best temperature to maintain 

seeds will be Sarracenia .

thanks for any replies 





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Sarracenia seeds are quite tolerant of a wide range of conditions.

28°C seems like a good target temp for germination.

Most keep their lights on for between approx. 12-16 hours a day. You could just replicate the day length where you are and/or where Sarracenia naturally grow. (look at sunrise and sunset to work out daylight length). You can adjust and reduce day length as you approach winter if you want to replicate natural conditions.

My terrarium is kept indoors as this suits me best. Keeping them in garages/outbuildings will cause lower temps during the winter and nights as the ambient temperature is likely to be a lot lower than a house. It all depends on what you're looking to achieve - whether you want a cold winter period or keep them growing.

My concern with your setup is the lights - are they 10W total? This isn't a lot of light and whilst the seeds may germinate, you might find growth is slow and etiolated.

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Thanks stu. The light is total of 10 watts

i did germinate sarracenia minor in the same box of cause no lights last year

on my window sill in the bedroom the light box will go in the same place.

so that would be plus

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