Aldrovanda in habitat!!!!!!!!!! (Darwin, NT, AU)

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I just come back from Girraween lagoon in Darwin, NT, Australia. And I am very lucky and surprised that I found Aldrovanda in situ!!!!!   I used to believe that Aldrovanda had been extinct in Girraween lagoon so I am a little worried about that small patch of Aldrovanda were "reintroduced" into the lagoon by someone. I have many photos took by my submerged camera. But I don't know how to put the photo in this post. So I just post some of them to let everyone check. Hope you will like them! 

p.s.I need someone who can teach me how to put other photos that I can share the habitat photo. Thanks a lot!



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What made you think it was extinct there? I'd have thought waterbirds would have been spreading it around all the time so that while local extinctions are possible, so are natural re-introductions.

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