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Hello..did you get your consignment via registered mail or express mail svc? After hearing about how awful your plants arrive, i think its safer for me to request for a ems...But i have someone that i know requested for ems and cost 45 and got registered mail instead from david == thats ridiculous.

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Both were just registered mail and took four working days to arrive (for some reason he didn't send either on a Monday, so they both sat at the post office over the weekend doing nothing). Packaged in a big cardboard box, with plastic bags with the plants inside, roots wrapped in moist kitchen roll as you would expect. (Although I was actually surprised he didn't just wrap some of the moss I bought around the roots instead, that would have been so much easier and better for the plants as well.)

I also still haven't received a reply, refund or the plant that I paid for. There is no excuse for this, and if I could give Carnivoria a rating it would be zero stars. I'll look into requesting a full refund for one of the orders on PayPal, because this is unacceptable.

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