Sarracenia and botrytis, some good news from the war...!

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I am Growing sarracenia almost 7 years now without any serious problem but from Autom of 2016 a nightmare begins...Some of my sarracenia infected with botrytis(propably  somehow from our vineyards ).Fist I let the pots  almost dry and I increase the air movement after  I was  start to searching for a good chemical fungicide I begin with NEOTOPSIN 70 WG  but very soon I saw some good results in infected plants but not in spores  wich they can  widely spread with the weaker movement of air.... so more plants infected!

I made a research and I find  that maybe trichoderma helps I made one applies per week for 3 weeks no results.. (careful with trichoderma grains becouse it contain very hight ammout of salts and increase the ppm of water...). I   finaly find some ecological treatment from Bayer Serenade Max WP botrytis special design to stop botrytis spores and reduce the infection .After 2 months and 4 applies the new plants infections stoped and some of  infeced overcome!!!I must say that  after the spraying Bayer Serenade Max WP  a thin withe layer   cover the plant and prevent the spores to propagate and spread! Finaly I aslo tested on Drosera filiformis with excellent results!

I hope to be helpful those results!

Best regards,



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