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Guys, I have a reasonable number of Nepenthes plants, most purchased from specialist traders. I have a few species, but most are hybrids, with quite a few being hybrids of hybrids too. You buy them often because of the interesting mix, or in some cases because they will supposedly produce large showy pitchers.

When all is said and done they are all nice, but truth be told, some of them were purchase because you hope that the plant will have particular characteristics. Truncata and its hybrids are a favourite of mine due to the impressive pitchers. Veichii and it's hybrids give great colouration and shape. Maxima hybrids give reliably pretty hybrids.

But I did buy some hybrids to get the some of the more dramatic types. For instance, I have some Lowii hybrids, apparently. Now I know that the upper pitchers are the ones that give Lowii its fame, but at the moment the hybrids I have are only producing the lower pitchers, and will continue to do so for a while yet I suspect before any uppers will appear. So that's the issue really - it says Lowii X Maxima on the plant tag, but it just looks like a dark Maxima. Was I sold a Maxima X Heinz or is it really a Lowii X Maxima?

The Truncata mixes are easy to spot, the pitchers are bulky and there is the particular leaf end shape, Veitchii are hairy and have the very vertical peristome, but there are a lot where I look at the plant tag and wonder! Let's face it, you can't guarantee it and it will be years before we know either way!


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