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I feel I'm like some kind of groupie, but I love them all !

Except for the last hybrid, so called Heliamphora sp. "Tramen", sometimes labelled H. elongata '60s, or whatever. I've come across it too many times under different names. That put me off!

As for the H. uncinata, they are very well grown. The first one is quite stocky and I got those details from MS about the second one: "near the cliff face! Falling down! The smaller gracile form". If that can be of any interest to you :).

Congratulations, those vivid colours are always a great view.

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Haha, I totally don't mind you being my groupie! :) Big thanks for the information regarding the problematic hybrid. This means I got 2 more names to it :)

While I already have the descriptions of both Schach's clones, I appreciate you posting this and trying to expand my knowledge :)

Below couple new pictures of clones which I believe appear in this gallery for the first time:


Heliamphora huberi (Amuri Tepui) - M. Schach clone

Species which I believe to be underrated by many, therefore not too popular amongst collectors. I still like it a lot, especially the clone presented here which is the best huberi clone out there in my opinion. I'm in the process of figuring out whether this and "Bonnetia forest" clone are the same thing - I'll post my thoughts and observations in coming months.

As for the coloration of this plant - I'm getting close to optimum when it comes to my personal taste - green leaves with subtle veining. I'll probably try with a bit stronger light to make more pointing downwards and bigger lids.



Heliamphora ionasi "Striped"

Ok, I've seen them all - "Striped", "Red Striped", "Heavily Red Striped". What other names will people come up with to these ionasi? "Ultra Heavily Red Striped"? Or perhaps also add an epithet "Giant" to it? It's so trendy these days to call everything "Giant". Not sure if all mentioned names refer to the very same clone but the one I have is a very solid ionasi and surely amongst the best. Under my current light conditions whole plant has orange hue with red veining - the way I like it best.




Heliamphora parva "Extremely Hairy" (Cerro Neblina)

Each leaf has slightly different length and density of outer hair and the younger ones presented on both pictures are less pubescent than the older. I'm yet to figure out if light intensity plays any part in this matter.




Heliamphora spec. nov. Akopan (Akopan Tepui)

This guy has been sitting in the corner of a terrarium behind other big fellows, barely seen by me for months. Recent rearrangements made me remove plant for the time being and the image I saw was very unpleasant. Too bloody red! Definitely not a sight to be seen in situ where this "species" grows in shaded areas mostly. This way spec. nov. Akopan found a new home and grows side by side with H. huberi under moderate light.




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