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A bit of spring

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Darlingtonia californica... sometime ago I was told they were kind of slow growers... Yeah right :laughing:

February 2008 when I got them

Early March, after repotting

Late September 2008 can be seen here


And here they are, freshly awaken from winter




#2 I see very likely repottings next year, specially for this one :smiling: Never expected it would fill the pot in one season



Now Utricularia nelumbifolia. After spending all winter sending stolons, and after coming up from a week of drowning due to possible thrips attack, I had this surprise:


Flowers on the way? :cool:

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That certainly is a flower spike on your nelumbifolia and your Darlingtonia are stunningly beautiful!!

Parabens e abra├žos,


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