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Brocchinia as bog plant

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ilex    0

I want to try growing Brocchinia in my bog garden. Has anybody tried before? I would place it in the high part. Would get full sun which I think it would appreciate.

I live in a mediterranean climate very similar to Perth but with less rain. Humidity is usually around 60/70% (100 meters from the sea). Things like d. regia grow very well here.

Should I try or should I just forget about the idea?

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An D Smith    2

Hi Ilex

I would say that you stand a very good chance of raising some good plants in the conditions you describe. Obviously Brocchinia is terrestrial and not an epiphyte like the majority of bromeliads and prefers a damp soil. Full sun would be perfect, you might even get the yellow colour on the leaves which is quite hard to achieve in cultivation. In lower light levels the leaves will loose the tubular structure and the plant will appear more open, (like a pineapple). I would recommend a fortnightly spray of orchid fertilizer as well.

Good luck



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