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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Folks, I'm getting a bit desperate! A while ago I acquired this fully glazed fridge with one side smashed. I thought, "Hey, ultra highland Nepenthes!!!" so with great enthusiasm I embarked on a mission to fix it and sell it with a reasonable profit. So many weeks later, after discovering that to have a new double glazed unit fitted would cost £200, I opted for the basic repair, single glazed, toughened glass, £75. So it is sitting in my small flat, and I keep tripping over it. If I had the time and space I would probably use it to grow Nepenthes villosa or some such other exotic from seed. It's got LED lighting already quite profusely inside it. I've had the top off it, and it would be possible to rig up the lights and refrigeration independently to timers, and I'm sure you could also add lights if necessary. It is really well built, being made for pub use. It has a low energy usage, being marketed as an "eco-cooler". It's got 3 removable shelves. When the refrigeration is on the 2 fans make a bit of a whooshing noise so you may have to be cautious about having it in a sleeping area. I've posted it up here a couple of times, and I've got it on eBay. But nobody wants it! Seriously folks, can none of you make use of this at all??? Bewildered Karsty.
  2. Hello everyone, I have a potentially inexperienced question to ask. Why do I never see Drosera Slackii Seed? Have i missed something huge? For example... the fact that they are sterile similiar to drosera hybrida? Or are they just difficult to get to go to seed? Thanks in advance
  3. Rachel

    Arisaema from Seed

    I made this video on growing arisaema from seed and hope that some will find it useful and maybe subscribe to my YouTube channel...
  4. Rachel

    Arisaema from Seed

    I made this video on growing arisaema from seed and hope that some will find it useful and maybe subscribe to my YouTube channel...
  5. Yesterday I received some mixed N ampullaria seed from a a well known auction site whose seller I believe has mixed feedback from reading some of your comments on this forum. With this in mind and having sown all that I need I thought some of you might like to have a try with this batch of seed also and ultimately compare results later on. If anybody would like to have a go with the surplus seed then just send me a pm, it won't cost you anything except your time but please note due to postage costs I can only send within the UK unless postage is paid before hand. Best wishes :) Matwag
  6. Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any experience growing aquatic Utricularia (or any other aquatic species) from seed? I received a packet of U.volubilis as a substitute in a seed order and have successfully germinated a few of the seeds in a cup of DI water with some peat and sand at the what do I do with them? This is the first fully aquatic plant species I've tried to grow from seed. If they can grow terrestrially, then that sounds like the easy option, but I cant find any reference to this being possible for U.volubilis. My fear with growing them submersed is of algae smothering them before they reach a suitable size for placing in an aquarium. I have much experience growing aquatic plants (from "high-tech" to Walstad-style), and currently have a CO2 injected planted tank fertilised using "Estimative index" principles, which I'm sure mature specimens of U.volubilis would thrive in - however this tank is full of fish, shrimp, snails, etc. and the tiny plants would just get eaten/lost/overgrown in there at their current size. My current plan is to see how big I can get them in the cup before transferring to a small clear "breeder box" in the planted tank, but if anyone has any other suggestions please let me know! :)
  7. CephFan

    Ceph seed micro

    From the album: Cephalotus

    © Copyright Steve T 2014

  8. Little-Bacchus

    What is it eating?!?

    I have done it after years of trying I have got Drosera capensis to grow. I have no idea why it was so hard as most people have said stick it in moss and it will grow. I have two pots with sphagnum in and not a sausage for over two years so I thought I'd try other growing mediums from sheep wool to cotton wool and BINGO! the one on cotton wool has worked. Now here is the problem. Cotton wool is a compleatly sterile environment as in 0% micronutrients and my seedlings are far too small to feed. Are they going to reach a size and then just exhaust themselves or will the make it to a size that I can feed them a fungus gnat or two? I have seen people talking about orchid feed and seaweed feed as a root boost should I try a few dilute drops on the cotton wool. I just don't want to get this far and kill them off only to have another 14 month wait for germination.
  9. Little-Bacchus

    How much is too much?

    There is a lot about light and heat for are beloved plants but how much is too much. As some will know we are in something of good weather for the UK but my garden is hitting 27oC and light levels are through the roof. It is at a point that I have had to shade some of my more shade loving seedlings, Digitalis and such. I have my one seedling sunning in the garden and a set of seed and some look like they may be starting to germinate (when viewed at 400X magnification) all covered to stop them drying out but am I at risk of cooking them?