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  1. Cephalotus Autumn Colour

    My lovely vigorous Bochum clone in Autumn 2017.
  2. Eden Black X Self squatted form JT01

    An actual picture of this nice clone in Autumn 2017
  3. Attention

    Ive Seen this too. This is criminal.
  4. Yes i take care of it and look every day for it.
  5. Its growing well. It has some new pitchers by now. But the main growing time here mostly is later in the summer.
  6. Yes. I will send photos regulary this year how it grows.
  7. I have bought it last year as a small division with adult pitchers. This spring there came 4 new growing points out of the earth. Im very interested how this clone growes this summer in the maín growing phase. Up to now it looks very promising.
  8. Thamk you. Yes im very happy to got it from Stephen. There come a lot of new growing points out of the earth now.
  9. Heres my Vigorous Clumping of Stephen Morley. It grows out now.
  10. Yamada Giant

    Of course Rudi. Lol Its a very nice clone.
  11. Cephalotus "Triffid Albany Black Clone"

    I fully agree with you Dimitar. And it's the normal typical of Carniflora next to TAB. In my eyes exactly the same plant. And I've never seen a full black TAB under natural conditions. All were dark brown even like the winter colour of a typical.
  12. Cephalotus "Triffid Albany Black Clone"

    I think Triffid Albany Black is a typical. Looks like Carniflora to me. Here mine.
  13. hey Jörn,

    you must make please a leaf cutting for me from this Yamada



  14. Yamada Giant

    Thank you. Yes it was a cutting from a friend from asia.
  15. Eden Black Seedlings