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    CPs - principally Sarracenia purpurea. Gardening, Breeding Tortoises, Natural History.

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  1. 2016 08 09 15.07.49

    From the album Heliamphora

    Developing flower bracts of H. ionasii.
  2. Heliamphora

    Heliamphora pictures
  3. 2016 06 08 13.20.25 resized

    From the album Heliamphora

  4. 2016 06 08 13.14.20 resized

    From the album Heliamphora

  5. 2016 06 08 13.03.24 resized

    From the album Heliamphora

  6. 2016 06 08 12.58.16 resized

    From the album Heliamphora

  7. Spot the Goldie

    Its a beautiful plant and your flowers are a gorgeous colour, worth growing for the flowers alone.
  8. Saw them myself and while the 1st pictures are good the 2nd images show some very poor quality plants - dormancy or not. Also saw it's a new account with no feedback history. Returns not accepted - I wonder why!!!
  9. what cross is this

    Hi there - lucky you having this lovely hybrid. Yours may be smaller as not yet mature size. Often maturity takes time after division. Also different growing conditions will yield different appearences even in the same cultivar. Have you a picture of your own plant?
  10. I'm back!

    Welcomefrom myself as a new member but I also saw that your hobbies included tortoises too. Now thats a cool combination :-)
  11. 2015 11 18 19.09.50 resized

    From the album Rob's Agaves

    Young Medio Picta Aurea just stabilising leaf colour.
  12. Rob's Agaves

    Rob58 - Selection of my Agaves.
  13. 2015 11 18 08.24.09 resized

    From the album Rob's Agaves

    Some of my Agaves including Medio Picta Aurea.
  14. Agave 'medio picta'

    Hi All - my first post on the forum but thought I'd share our Agave. I first saw Agave medio picta aurea in the Canaries and wanted one on first sight. They don't grow as large or as blue on the margins. However they are a lovely addition and unusual as the more common form has the yellow confined to the margins of the leaf. They look great on the patio during summer but now housed in the greenhouse as the Autumn weather sets in. Rob
  15. Hello from Suffolk

    Thank you both for the Welcome to the forum. Enjoying all the information here and looking forward to building a collection.