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  1. Change in weather by Saturday

    Gone all cold again
  2. Change in weather by Saturday

    Nice day today 22c and and 27c in the shade in greenhouse
  3. Change in weather by Saturday

    Saturday is the day the plants starting getting some sunshine hooray summer starts at last
  4. My venus wont close :/

    It looks pretty deformed
  5. My Sarracenia greenhause

    Looking good
  6. Trading Forums

    Thay are fixed now thanks
  7. Trading Forums

    Yes I can get to them from that link and from unread content but not from forums it must think I am new on here ?
  8. Trading Forums

    For some unknown reason trading forums are not showing up in browse Forums ?
  9. Hello Everybody

    Welcome to the cpuk I think everyone started with a vft you will get a lot of help on here. but get ready to have deep pockets with lots of money if your married don't tell the partner how much they cost or you going to get broke giving them their cut loool
  10. Seller, rhizome divisions and no roots...

    It certainly looks healthy I broke a rhizome in half that had no grow points but plenty of roots so I notched some cuts in the top and hope for some growth later in the year
  11. All my water butts are frozen solid never happened before, look forward to the thaw. Kept the greenhouse a few degrees above freezing at night but some days we have had 25c. some plants starting to show growth next week trays to be filled with water spring here soon.
  12. Do you cut your Darlingtonia down

    Thanks will cut only the not so good looking ones lol
  13. Do you cut your Darlingtonia down

    Do you cut your Darlingtonia down
  14. M