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  1. Some of my plants have flowers at 12" and pitchers coming at 4" my Greenhouse sits next to 2 walls and I think this makes it warmer in the greenhouse if you zoom in you can see the flowers, but not blooming yet.
  2. From the album My Plants

    10x6 Greenhouse
  3. I have the same aircon unit in my conservatory bought it at Wickes 7/8 years ago lovely in the summer, It keeps it cool, it's controlled by remote unit but not wifi but only cost £299 I fitted it myself. been very reliable.
  4. Thought other members might be interested in these trays only £1-92 each 555mm x 200mm x 40mm deep
  5. From the album My Plants

  6. Hi my email is

  7. The one good thing of them opening early is getting rid of condensation
  8. Good plant
  9. My First sarracenia to bud this year rubra fiore giallo yellow flower (A Boss IT)
  10. Were they giants
  11. Welcome to the CPUK
  12. Mines in the bathroom now will see if anything grows back but not betting on it lol