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  1. Rain Rain Rain

    Just added another water butt so now got 730 Ltrs for coming year, hopefully will not run out now need it to rain to fill the last 310 Ltrs
  2. My Plants

  3. Water butts

    From the album My Plants

    Water butts
  4. Darlingtonia California

  5. When to harvest Darlingtonia seed

    I think you are right looked the same but size of a maggot
  6. A little trip around the Greenhouse

    I have 10 different Binata which includes filiformis and regis they are very good fly catchers
  7. When to harvest Darlingtonia seed

    It did look a bit green but the size of a maggot
  8. When to harvest Darlingtonia seed

    Well it turned brown so I cut it off and opened it up and there was grub inside ready to eat my seeds I presume it was some type of wasp grub caught it in time before it eat everyone lol
  9. Just got to your reply, when I first got it yes and it was cheaper to heat than a blow heater but now put in central heating rad
  10. Rain Rain Rain

    Hang in there you will make it
  11. Rain Rain Rain

    Bad luck, I was down to my last 20 Ltrs ready to buy a RO system and the storm saved me
  12. Rain Rain Rain

    All full up now till the next drought lol
  13. Rain Rain Rain

    We had another big storm last night was looking out the window 3am thinking lovely water, however when I got up in the morning to check my butts I noticed that the pipe leading from the garage roof had came apart, gutted lost all that water only got the water off the greenhouse.