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  1. Anyone guess what these are?

    Frogs for sale soon lol
  2. KLASMANN FINE PEAT 822 From dejex

    Thanks for the reply will go for it
  3. As time goes by you will buy more plants = more water get you first 200ltr water butt set up
  4. What should I do with my new greenhouse?

    Nice hill at the back put it on the top you will get all round sun your legs will hurt every time you water them
  5. Since joining I have been using KLASMANN MedIum PEAT coming to the end of my first 200 Ltrs thought it was a bit lumpy thinking of trying the fine any comments
  6. Hi from South Yorkshire

    Welcome to the CPUK
  7. Hi

    Welcome to the CPUK
  8. I'm back

    Welcome back to the Cpuk
  9. Lo All :)

    Welcome to the CPUK
  10. Hello from Estonia!

    Welcome to the CPUK
  11. Hi from Dee in rainham

    Welcome to the CPUK
  12. Hello from CA, USA!

    Welcome to the CPUK
  13. Rain Rain Rain

    Not full up yet still waiting for the big storm, making up new larger deeper trays over winter hoping the water will not evaporate as quick.
  14. My Plants

  15. Winter is coming....

    I have kept mine in the bathroom window sill so every time you have a shower they get the right conditions they have been there all year and doing fine.