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  1. He's a big boy
  2. Is it me or are there less flys around this year
  3. Don't think May will last long she just looks un sure of herself
  4. May shot herself in the foot and Didn't JC do well need to eat my hat
  5. Hoping I don't need to buy RO system but has anyone got any recommendations cheap comes to mind hold on will be doing the rain dance soon
  6. Here we go again water starting to run out down to approx 170 Ltrs about 12 days left
  7. She will have to go lol
  8. From the album My Plants

    No roots no pitchers
  9. Matt got another Gold his 19th at RHS Chelsea congratulations...
  10. Greenhouse soon lol
  11. Great plants ones I bought off you this year are doing good.
  12. i also filled to buckets
  13. That rain dance did the trick lol 500 Ltrs in 18 hours
  14. Welcome to the CPUK