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  1. Welcome to the CPUK
  2. Welcome to the CPUK
  3. Great images loved them, would have been nice to had titles to the plants
  4. You are doing well with your English welcome to the CPUK
  5. That's a big plant
  6. They are in my greenhouse with all my other plants keeping it just above freezing. I have not been watering them just keeping them damp with all the other plants.
  7. No
  8. Love the Drosera tomentosa var. glabrata
  9. Welcome to the CPUK
  10. I have these ones, had them most of last year paleacea pygmy (DS031 Hants) pearl pygmy (DS38 Hants) pulchella x ericksonae pygmy (DS39 Hants) Flower Pink pulchella Pygmy Australia (DS030 Hants) Flower Orange when they produce them do they germinate in the same pot or do you transfer them
  11. When do you know your plant is ready to produce Gemmae, does it put strain on the mother plant.
  12. Do all Pygmy Drosera produce Gemmae
  13. Welcome to the CPUK
  14. Hi

    Welcome to the CPUK
  15. Welcome to the CPUK