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  1. Do you cut your Darlingtonia down

    Thanks will cut only the not so good looking ones lol
  2. Do you cut your Darlingtonia down

    Do you cut your Darlingtonia down
  3. M

  4. Giant african land snails - looking for a home

    Garlic comes to mind lol
  5. Merry Christmas to All

    Merry Christmas to All have a good 2018
  6. M

  7. Put my heater on in the greenhouse tonight to keep it at 0
  8. My Plants

  9. Rain Rain Rain

    Full up at last, must be the driest in East Anglia for years.
  10. Rain Rain Rain

    Still waiting for big storm lol nearly full up
  11. My sarracenia purpurea seeds have germinated!

    I transplanted my Sarracenia when they had 5 leaves/pitchers they are doing OK Sarracenia flava var. atropurpurea Waccamaw
  12. Got the first water tray in construction ended up using 18mm OSB3 sqedge and 50 mm long screws every 200mm cut to size at B&Q with corner plates now got to fit the pond liner that should be fun.
  13. Green slime in water tray

    Thanks guys makes me feel better knowing it's not only me
  14. Green slime in water tray

    I think you might be right, what can I wash the outside of the pots with plants will still be in pots ?
  15. Green slime in water tray

    The length of the greenhouse is facing South here's a image of the problem the slime is in all trays high an low