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  1. Deltatango301

    Where's my rain?

    Thanks Stu, so that goes between the RO filter and the Di filter will check on on eBay for one...then I need to remove the flow restricter in the RO elbow
  2. Deltatango301


  3. Deltatango301

    Where's my rain?

    My next diy is to make up a flush unit any advise on this. I know I got to keep all the filters wet when not in use I have 3 shut off valves fitted, but do you keep the RO filter unit under abit of pressure ?
  4. Deltatango301

    Hints and tips for RO systems.

    Make sure it has a Di filter sometimes you have to buy as a extra check out this link
  5. Deltatango301

    Where's my rain?

    Fitted the Di filter now producing 0 TDS booster pump running at 120 psi good flow of water into the water butts. My only problem bank balance down, but never run out of water we live and learn.... BTW thanks for all the help got there in the end,,,, expert now lol
  6. Deltatango301

    Where's my rain?

    Still no rain here in the Peterborough area
  7. Deltatango301

    My Plants

  8. Deltatango301

    Where's my rain?

    Ok new update, got in touch again with the company this time got the General Manager to ring me back after telling them wanted to talk to the MD, anyway when I bought this unit a 4 stage I asummed the the 4th stage was a Di filter it turns out it was a RO filter i have now bought a 5th stage Di filter they are sending the brackets and connection free and postage free next day so should be producing 0 TDS by Thursday another £30 don't tell the wife....... btw using booster pump 1 on 2 hours off
  9. Deltatango301

    Where's my rain?

    Sorry mate not my tap water, if you have TDS of 47 from the you are a lucky girl
  10. Deltatango301

    Where's my rain?

    On going saga of my RO unit, got my booster pump installed and working correctly getting over 90psi so let it run for 30 mins producing RO water it only got me down to From 60 TDS to 32 TDS got on the phone to east midland water co that supplied RO unit not st all happy with them but now again waiting for a phone call from them think my filters are messed up ?
  11. Deltatango301

    Where's my rain?

    Interesting question if you are producing RO water at 0-5 TDS and you measure your rainwater at 20 TDS what one would you use.
  12. Deltatango301

    Where's my rain?

    My update, my pressure gauge came checked the pressure just now and its at 30 psi direct from the outside tap, so now put on order a booster pump as my system must run at a minimum of 50 psi this is costing me a fortune lol well you will do anything for the plants,,,,,, am I right in thinking the pressure gauge should go just before Di filter if not please correct me or confirm thanks
  13. Deltatango301

    Where's my rain?

    I have put on order a pressure gauge to see what my home pressure is think it must be low they say on the website to my unit must be minimum of 50psi I can see it now having to buy booster pump got this one earmarked
  14. Deltatango301

    Where's my rain?

    Fitted the new elbow no leaks now but TDS is still in the 60's getting back to the so called helpline
  15. Deltatango301

    Where's my rain?

    It certainly pissed me off the one sheet just telling you the flow diagram, I just have to wait for the new elbow to arrive to stop the leak that is just a drip drip so it must be losing some pressure? I don't think my pressure here is very high i can see me having to buy a pressure gauge, they say should have a minimum of 50 psi got no idea what the usual pressure average for home is, I know you can buy a unit to up the pressure.