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  1. Matt got another Gold his 19th at RHS Chelsea congratulations...
  2. Greenhouse soon lol
  3. Great plants ones I bought off you this year are doing good.
  4. i also filled to buckets
  5. That rain dance did the trick lol 500 Ltrs in 18 hours
  6. Welcome to the CPUK
  7. We had a bit of rain only got 220 Ltrs left
  8. It will soon dry up and you will be asking is it to dry
  9. Don't think so, not seen a lot of flys and insects around yet.
  10. I want one lol
  11. Gold Best in show RHS Malvern Hampshire Carnivorous Plants
  12. What are you going to grow on the bottom tray
  13. t form

    I had the same problem with binata var. multifida f. extreme no growth at all, the other binata are nearly fully grown. In the last few days it started to grow.
  14. t form

    I have a T form from Hants just had a look at it one stem has T plus small growth first I have seen but have not been looking for it.