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  1. I'd sure I said something like that, but a polytunnel, growhouses, a large terrarium later...
  2. The ones that I have at the allotment in the polytunnel are catching loads, but I do have to donate half a side of the tunnel to fruit and veg plants, but the tomatoes seem to attract loads of flies. The ones I've got at home though are catching very little yet this year though.
  3. Thanks, they're really interesting. I've just discovered the thread for the UK map, the website is http://bsbi.org/maps.
  4. A while ago someone posted a link of an interactive map that showed rough areas to find specific plants. Unfortunately I've been unable to locate the thread, and am wondering if anyone can help me with the web address for it.
  5. Bird netting is good, but leave the slightest gap and the birds are guaranteed to get in there, but can't find their way out again so create even more damage. They've been more interested in the fruit bushes this year after moving a load of my plants to the allotment.
  6. If you've only a couple of plants, a few buckets (especially positioned under a drip from a windowledge) outside should collect you enough rainwater. However if you intend getting more plants it's definitely worth investing in a diverter and barrel.
  7. I've a mixture in my terrrarium at the moment of white light one one side and red/blue light on the other (both LED) - I only installed the red/blue one about a fortnight ago, I'm still waiting to see if there's any difference in growth, but haven't noticed anything so far.
  8. Thanks
  9. Upon re-potting I've discovered this lurking in one of the plants that I'd bought last year, and am wondering if anyone knows what it is, it's about 1cm high. I am wondering if it's a moss, but it's growing into a little bushy thing instead of forming a strand like moss normally does.
  10. Thanks, our tap water is very soft
  11. Thanks
  12. That's fab, thanks. I'll look forward to bringing it into flower later in the year, although it seems a shame that it'll die off.
  13. Thanks, this is it. It just says Bromeliad, and I've noticed that it fills like a pitcher
  14. At present it's the polytunnel, which was originally going to be a fruit cage - but I'm half debating on fitting the greenhouse with polytunnel type plastic instead of glass to allow extra ventilation and to look better but easily and cheaply replaceable for any vandalism that occurs until we're sure whether things will calm down which will then allow me to replace the plastic with the glass which is safely stored away. Hopefully we'll get some good weather to crack on with things.
  15. I use a couple of hanging baskets for some trailing non-carnivorous house plants off the bars attaching the curtain rail to the wall. You can either get them from a garden centre or online.