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  1. Whitefox

    Which Nepenthes to Buy?

    It is seed grown from Borneo Exotics (BE-3560 N. Spectabilis Giant x N.Ventricosa Madja-as). It has the weird habit of changing the body color depending of the season, when cold pitchers are more garnet, but when the summer temps arrive it turns more green and the inner wall can color up completely hiding its Spectabilis speckles. I don't have a pic of my own of it right now but there is a pic in hampshire carnivores (first pic was my plant): https://www.hantsflytrap.com/nmc3560-n-spectabalis-x-n-ventricosa-679-p.asp
  2. Whitefox

    Which Nepenthes to Buy?

    Thank you. It is just growing outside, next to a N. x Rebecca Soper and a N. x Ventrata. My temperature is equivalent to the hardiness zone 10a. Humidity 40~70%.
  3. Whitefox

    Which Nepenthes to Buy?

    Nice ribbed peristome, I like it! Might consider adding one of these to my collection. I want to show one of my easiest Ventricosa hybrids too, Spectabilis x Ventricosa ;) This one popped this week. These are from a basal shoot. It lost the pitchers from the main vine this winter, but it is growing new ones.
  4. Whitefox

    Which Nepenthes to Buy?

    I do it, not sure if it really helps (those pitchers it came with will die prematurely anyways). At least it doesn't hurt them, so why not. Which plant did you buy in the end?
  5. Whitefox

    My poor nepenthes collection :(

    The one in the 2 pic is x Rebecca Soper and the last one is the x Lady Luck/Bloody Mary for sure.
  6. Whitefox

    Which Nepenthes to Buy?

    I have two Spectabilis x Ventricosa, they grow slower than the pure Ventricosa but similar to x Rebecca Soper. Nice dark speckles, a yellow peristome with red stripes and the pitchers that face to the Sun get a red flush on the edges.
  7. Whitefox

    Which Nepenthes to Buy?

    N. Hamata is not that hard, it is just a highland that requires good humidity. But for a beginner I wouldn't recommend it or any of its hybrids, as Zerbirus said Hamata hybrids are more expensive and it adds extra difficulty to the Ventricosa parentage. I managed to make a Ventricosa x Hamata grow as a house plant under LEDs, but it needed almost 3 months to acclimate to the lower humidity and grow new pitchers. In contrast, my Ventricosa Red produced pitchers starting from its second leaf under my care.
  8. Whitefox

    Nepenthes x Bloody Mary - red leaves?

    Some Nepenthes can turn reddish under a strong light. If the leaves don't turn brown or dry and the plant keeps growing its traps I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. Whitefox

    Which Nepenthes to Buy?

    Of all the Nepenthes I owned until now, the easiest (even more than the typical garden center N. x Ventrata) has been the N. Ventricosa red I purchased last year. I think it is one of those that Hampshire Carnivorous plants sells with the BE code 3772. The adult pitcher pic they uploaded doesn't match though, it looks like a trap from the N. Ventricosa Madja-As form (that in my experience it is a more fussy plant). The traps are more red with some speckles.
  10. Whitefox

    How old is too old?

    That process is called scarification: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scarification_(botany) It is done to help germination, in particular to seeds that have a hard coat or that are inhibited from germinating until it goes through an animal's digestive tract or suffers some physical damage. For that some seeds are quickly submerged in acid or polished to remove its protection. I did it a few times with citrus seeds (removing the peel), but never seen it being done to carnivorous plant seeds before.
  11. Whitefox

    Red spots on Campanulata leaves

    I never had a N. Campanulata, but last year I had my Hamatas in similar conditions and they hated it, don't seem to like temps above 26c or below 16c. 21~24c to 17~18c (~73f to ~63f) is when they seem to be happier.
  12. Whitefox

    Questions about nepenthes care.

    It is too young to identify, since all Nepenthes look similar when are that young. You need yo wait until the pitchers show some adult characteristics, then people could help you with that. Are these the old pitchers that the plant had when it arrived? If they are empty of liquid that could explain it. My plant pitchers usually dry from the top part or go all brown at the same time.
  13. Whitefox

    Identification, please?

    I found the email order, and it was listed as a possible x Alata hybrid as I said before: Nepenthes burkei { x alata?, Halcon, Philippines} [BCP ID# N295, N297, N298] / 2+ plants, size 3-10 cm But it looks like a Burkei x Alata? Because I can't find any pic of a N. Alata that looks like this. Seems it is going to grow its first upper (tendril on the back). The new pitchers, when inflating, already have the mature coloration. The other plant from the same order is almost identical to the N. Burkei pics I can find online, but the peristome is flared and more ribbed like this one.
  14. Whitefox

    Identification, please?

    Thank you for you replies! Did BCP sell plants from BE? I remember that these in particular were listed with three of their own clone numbers, mixed, as the same product. They don't seem to sell Nepenthes anymore, so I can't check.
  15. Whitefox

    Identification, please?

    Hello, A few years ago I purchased some Nepenthes labeled as "N. Burkei (x Alata?) Mt. Halcon" from Best Carnivorous plants, and all had green pitchers with red speckles when young, some with a pitcher body more slender than others. A few weeks ago I found that one in particular was growing red pitchers with green speckles: It is a very dark red, almost brown. I can't find any pic of a N. Alata this dark, and the peristome does look like N. Burkei. Any idea of what kind of cross it can be? Also, do these seedlings look like they can be N. Sumatrana?