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  1. Would yo consider shipping outside the UK, to EU?
  2. The pictures don't work for me
  3. Such a fantastic initiative! Well done and thanks for sharing
  4. What's the mushroom growing on it?
  5. This is the latest pitcher in mine Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  6. It seems you guys are having a great time in Bonn every year. Sadly my German is below kinder garden level but maybe one year I'll be able to attend.
  7. Really bad news. I hope you get the chance to get back to the hobby later on.
  8. Amazing trip! Great pics and I hope your feet are getting better ;)
  9. Beautiful plants!
  10. How are you growing your sib x merri? as HL or LL? I've heard of people giving this hybrid both ranges
  11. Amazing pics and I guess the expedition was more than a success
  12. What kind of material did you use for the LL tent's walls? I've been thinking about building one myself for the time when my LLs are too big for the current setup
  13. I have used neem several times with my cps, the mix I use is the one recommended by the manufacturer (water+neem+dish soap). Recently I tried it with some of my south african drosera (t.ex. d. ramentacea) with no damage for the plants. I make sure the oil mix covers completely the leaves and there is no need for washing it off later.
  14. The neblinae from Avispa is just stunning! It is always good to watch and learn from skilled growers and more when it's in one of my pending cp areas: Helis
  15. Mars- april is the end of Wistuba's winter break until then no orders are taken as far as I know.