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  1. Nepenthes alata 'Rubrum' ???

    Very "shady" ad with no background info and a bad quality pic. I have never heard of "rubrum" as a variation or cultivar or type of alata... stay away from it.
  2. Heating with 12v DC

    I'm indeed following this post. I run most of my GH with a 260w solar system with 3 185ah batteries, a mppt controller for efficency and a 1kw inverter. After testing different loadouts I decided to run everything (lamps, ventilation, hydrofogger) but the heating with solar 'cos it is the most taxing of all the appliances.
  3. Krzysio's Nepenthes

    Not often you see pictures of a Bloody Mary upper, interesting
  4. Yes, I meant ROOTED, typos are my speciality nowadays. Ventrata is a VERY forgiving nep so they might be fine with a short acclimatization to lower RH.
  5. You can not fail with a ventrata. I cut several basal shoots a couple of months ago, bagged them and placed them everywhere in the GH (some in very dark places). Every single one rotted. Cuttings want high humidity (up to 100%) in order to develop the roots, so it does not matter if the mother plant is in a 20% RH all day long. As a rule, with other more demanding neps, I give the cuttings exactly the same amount of light as the mother plant receives.
  6. Ptaah's Heliamphora collection

    Beautiful helis! that uncinata is great
  7. heliamphora 'red mambo'

    That is something else! great heli!
  8. Kiryu soil?

    Many nepenthes growers use succesfully bonsai substrates like akadama and kiryu so it will work just fine.
  9. Would yo consider shipping outside the UK, to EU?
  10. orchids?

    The pictures don't work for me
  11. Such a fantastic initiative! Well done and thanks for sharing
  12. Krzysio's Nepenthes

    What's the mushroom growing on it?
  13. This is the latest pitcher in mine Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  14. Great meeting in Bonn Botanical Garden

    It seems you guys are having a great time in Bonn every year. Sadly my German is below kinder garden level but maybe one year I'll be able to attend.
  15. Really bad news. I hope you get the chance to get back to the hobby later on.