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  1. Very nice pictures, and a stunning collection Mike. Those psittacina's, do you grow them in just shpagnum and water? Those trays look kinda shallow.
  2. Drosera capensis lifespan

    I have had this with binata last year. Took till almost june before I got any signs of life. Maybe they still will come back.
  3. Carniflora visit 2017

    Can everybody join? I am not a member of carnivora or ICPS but would like to participate.
  4. red alpina from today

    Stunning plant. Would love to try to grow one.
  5. S. minor

    I'll wait to see how they develop the rest of the season.
  6. S. minor

    They are only in the pots since last winter so I don't think that is it. I keep them exactly like all my other sarracenia's.
  7. S. minor

    Part of the new growth is a little bit deformed. I can not find some sort of mold or other pests on the plant or the soil. Maybe frosts at night later in the growing season?
  8. S. minor

    Since I have some small issues with the cultivation of S. minor, I was wondering how you guys grom them. I have read a lot of different strategies. Some people grow them drier than other sarracenia's, some people don't. What is the key to succes for my minors?
  9. Do these droseras need domancy?

    Yes. They do not need winterrest and can be kept inside year round.
  10. Carnivorous plants in Poland

    Awesome pictures. Some of the rotundifolia's look huge, for example on the lake shores. Are they realy that big?
  11. What's this, please?

    Try reading this: http://www.sarracenia.com/faq/faq3960.html It explains a bit about how those things work. You have to register a name before you can call it anything.
  12. Thanks. It's clear now. I have a P. longifolia from Zucarello, Italy. I thought this was a subsp. reichenbachiana but I'm not really sure now.
  13. Nice plant, flower looks almost cobalt blue. What is the difference between P. reichenbachiana and P. longifolia subsp. reichenbachiana?
  14. Krzysio's plants

    Looking good. What soil is there in your anglica bowl? And is it drained?
  15. Pinguicula caussensis

    Very nice plant again. Also you do have a very impressive growlist. Many drosera/pincguiula species I would like to obtain seeds from once.