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  1. Thanks. It's clear now. I have a P. longifolia from Zucarello, Italy. I thought this was a subsp. reichenbachiana but I'm not really sure now.
  2. Nice plant, flower looks almost cobalt blue. What is the difference between P. reichenbachiana and P. longifolia subsp. reichenbachiana?
  3. Looking good. What soil is there in your anglica bowl? And is it drained?
  4. Very nice plant again. Also you do have a very impressive growlist. Many drosera/pincguiula species I would like to obtain seeds from once.
  5. Very nice. Would love a P. corsica myself.
  6. My first flowers are about to open. Think it will be one more week or so. Those flowers do look really good. Looking forward to the rest of your pictures.
  7. Ok, I will look for an other place then.
  8. They are sitting in the greenhouse now because the temperatures are fairly low and they do quite well. I will have to look for a place where I can keep them outside not standing in full sun the whole day and where they are protected from rain. Will they really suffer if i keep them in the greenhouse?
  9. Rotundifolia, intermedia and anglica and the hybrids of them for sure. Filliformis var. filliformis will also work, and so will T-form binata's. The binata's will die back in winter but sprout from roots again in spring.
  10. I see, until now they are doing fine in the greenhouse. The highest temperature I've spotted was around 36 Celsius, but very humid. If we get days where te outside temperature will be above 27 Celsius I could bring them outside.
  11. Absoultely stunning plants. That Bain's Kloof capensis is awesome. How old is this plant?
  12. I have read a lot about keeping temperate pinguiculas alive here in West-Europe. Still I got some questions about the heat. Can these pinguiculas handle highter temperatures in summer? In my greenhouse it can get up to about 37 degrees celsius. Will they handle this? Will be P. grandiflora, P. longifolia, P. grandiflora x vallisneriifolia, P. macroceras, P. poldinii x grandiflora and P. spec. Rio Ara. Thanks.
  13. Most sundews pollinate themselves. So only when the flowers are open at exact the same time you need to worry about cross pollination. And I think even then most growers will look out for this
  14. I love your madagascariensis. Even tho all the plants look very good.
  15. How do you prevent the sphagnum outgrowing your dews?