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  1. Fryderyk

    capensi's plants

    Stunning! :)
  2. Fryderyk

    Warning: plague nepenthes fungus

    One of mine died like this after I had just bought it, I think it is simply too much light too soon (in combination with possibly lack of proper humidity) , it may recover though, it will just take time (at least a month looking at the picture but could be even three or not recover at all, unfortunately) I wouldn't worry about infestation
  3. Fryderyk

    Warning: plague nepenthes fungus

    Did you get it recently? It does that to my plants when I don't take my time to make them aclimatize properly in shadowed positions
  4. Fryderyk

    Nepenthes Seedlings

    New Pics added!
  5. Fryderyk

    Krzysio's Nepenthes

    Beautiful as always !! I would have thought it was Spathulata x campanulata , not spathulata x talengensis I need to study them again XD
  6. Fryderyk

    Warning: plague nepenthes fungus

    How does an infected nepenthes look like?
  7. Fryderyk

    Nepenthes Seedlings

    Thank you all for the kind words I will keep you updated!
  8. Just a couple of Nepenthes pics! (black) Rafflesiana x Ampullaria Black Miracle Viking x ( Viking x Kuchingensis ) Viking Wing x (Viking x Kuchingensis ) [(Viking x Rafflesiana) x Northiana] x [(Viking x Ampullaria) x Northiana] Ampullaria
  9. Fryderyk

    Dimitri Gaunie

    Let's hope nothing serious happened to him ! ...
  10. Fryderyk

    Beware of

    I just want to point out that I 've just got another package after 12 days of shipping ( it seems there was some delay due to inspections ) and David was very cooperative and helpful , and the plants were so much bigger than I'd expect (and surprisingly fine after this long time in a box ) Still one of the best from my point of view.
  11. Fryderyk ?

    I thought that too, it doesn't seem they are keen to answer any email though
  12. Fryderyk

    Wow ... That's absurd
  13. Fryderyk

    End of sarracenia season

    Oh stop joking around , they are ALL awesome !
  14. Fryderyk

    Selling plant collection!

    Oops, my mistake also ,I should have checked first . Thanks Collins
  15. Fryderyk

    D. Intermedia

    They will get control of your greenhouse in a year or two ! Lol