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  1. S Krelbourn

    Selenecerius grandiflora

    Well done at flowering chrysocardium, I understand they are really tricky to flower, I have had one for a similar length of time , but no indication of a flower.
  2. S Krelbourn

    All staged out

    It really stands out, I have s similar O. de Kaleb x F 45 , but it has a lot of growing to do before it ( hopefully) looks like yours.
  3. S Krelbourn

    All staged out

    Great looking set up. Now it's all sorted it's time to think about building another greenhouse! what is the impressive looking large red sarracenia two thirds down the left hand bench? Phil
  4. S Krelbourn

    Selenecerius grandiflora

    Thanks Osmosis, to me one of the most unusual things is that it is planted in a five inch pot!. It has lots of aerial roots, but I don't know how much benefit it gains from them .
  5. S Krelbourn

    big darlingtonia

    Absolutely stunning!
  6. S Krelbourn

    Selenecerius grandiflora

    Couldn't resist taking another one tonight.
  7. S Krelbourn

    Selenecerius grandiflora

  8. S Krelbourn

    Selenecerius grandiflora

    Last night my selenecerius grandiflora flowered, a truly magnificent flower 11 inches across. It flowers most years, but last year I missed it as each flower only lasts one night, being at its best around midnight. Truly stunning, but my wife complains that, at six metres long it dominates the room. I say it's a talking point.
  9. S Krelbourn

    Chelsea 2018 photos

    It works!!!!!!!!
  10. S Krelbourn

    Chelsea 2018 photos

    Attempt at using paper clip icon thing.
  11. S Krelbourn

    Chelsea 2018 photos

    Thanks for posting David, I have yet to successfully post a picture on here. I start with the best of intentions, but not being that tech minded get fed up and abandon my attempt. I understand Flickr is the way to go.
  12. S Krelbourn

    Winter 2017/2018 Darlingtonia sowing

    Eventually.....they are a bit slow from seed - this is the fourth year for mine and each pitcher is only about three inches long! Phil
  13. S Krelbourn

    Hi guys

    Hi David Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find loads of useful information on the site and meet many experienced and knowledgeable growers. I'm guessing they're all busy potting in the greenhouse at the moment, which is why you haven't had any replies...they're usually pretty friendly.. Phil
  14. S Krelbourn

    Granite Grit

    To confirm the bag says" lime free washed quartzite grit". The product is sold as RHS but also carries the Kelkay logo. Phil