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  1. S Krelbourn

    Winter 2017/2018 Darlingtonia sowing

    Eventually.....they are a bit slow from seed - this is the fourth year for mine and each pitcher is only about three inches long! Phil
  2. S Krelbourn

    Hi guys

    Hi David Welcome to the forum. I'm sure you'll find loads of useful information on the site and meet many experienced and knowledgeable growers. I'm guessing they're all busy potting in the greenhouse at the moment, which is why you haven't had any replies...they're usually pretty friendly.. Phil
  3. S Krelbourn

    Granite Grit

    To confirm the bag says" lime free washed quartzite grit". The product is sold as RHS but also carries the Kelkay logo. Phil
  4. S Krelbourn

    Granite Grit

    I've used RHS potting grit from Homebase, about £4 for a reasonable sized sack, I'm not a geologist, but it looks like crushed granite to me. If it wasn't so dark/ cold/ like a quagmire I'd go down the garden and check what it says on the sack . Hope this helps Phil
  5. S Krelbourn

    Some recent orchids

    I fear any additional excuses to spend time in the greenhouse could end in divorce.
  6. S Krelbourn

    Some recent orchids

    Oh, to have a heated greenhouse again...
  7. S Krelbourn

    Some recent orchids

    Love the dendrobiums, what are they? My favourite used to be chrysotoxum.
  8. S Krelbourn

    Sarracenia 'Ellie Wang'

    Just had a look at s. Elaine Wang and for my money Ellie Wang looks superior in every way ( though perhaps the lid looks larger on Elaine, or is that because the pitcher opening is larger on Ellie?). That said, both are incredible. Phil
  9. S Krelbourn

    Sarracenia seeds v Sarracenia Hybrid seeds

    Also, like Ada was saying, selfing intensifies the genes, and is common practice in many types of plant breeding, I remember seeing a particularly fine Leah Wilkerson x self, so don't ditch all your crosses, just be ready to be selective when picking the seedlings out to grow on.
  10. S Krelbourn

    Sarracenia seeds v Sarracenia Hybrid seeds

    I've only grown sarracenia for a couple of years, but I was lucky enough to try some seeds in my first year and I can highly recommend it as being incredibly rewarding, not just creating something from scratch but to see the variation amongst the same seed. Definitely persist Delta, whatever the seed, you will not regret it (unless you find you rapidly run out of space and have to build another greenhouse to accommodate your many seedlings). Phil
  11. S Krelbourn

    My favourite time of the year

    Looking great Hannah, made all the sweeter after six months of anticipation. Mine are finally beginning to move too. Phil
  12. S Krelbourn

    Sarracenia pollen and hay fever

    To be honest I have a flava that is very nearly out, but after that it will be a good week or so before anything else joins it.
  13. S Krelbourn

    Sarracenia pollen and hay fever

    You have flowers that are open? up here in't North they're still as tight as ball bearings
  14. S Krelbourn

    Hello from Finland!

    Hi Joni Welcome to CPUK, I can see what the future is going to bring you... lots of carnivorous plants and many enjoyable hours growing them. Phil