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  1. Oh my gosh! I'm so sorry for your loss.
  2. Amazing! Looks like they would be hard to get to.
  3. Very nice! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Amazing plants as always. I hope to see adult pitchers from my Heliamphora someday.
  5. I didn't know sanguinea could get so dark. It's a very nice clone.
  6. Wow those stems look really thick and woody.
  7. Amazing plants! What's the one after sanguinea?
  8. Very nice. Wish there were more photographs though.
  9. I just stumbled onto this thread today but what a surprise to find that the site is still up!
  10. I love your Chimanta Massif 2.0. The plants look amazing! In my planted setups Utricularia alpina is the one that gets everywhere.
  11. Very informative video. I didn't know there were even more undescribed species in the section. I'm really looking forward to what's next.
  12. Not a single photograph of Nepenthes distillatoria in the Carnivorous Plant Photofinder shows pitchers with speckling. And the lowers are quite a bit tubbier as well. I'd say there's a pretty big difference between these two pitchers:
  13. Nepenthes distillatoria doesn't have any speckling on its pitchers.
  14. I got this plant labeled as Nepenthes distillatoria but I'm pretty sure it is not. Anyone know what it is? The first two pictures are from when I just got the plant about a year ago, and the second is a recent basal that pitchered. Could it be Nepenthes danseri? There are some pictures of the plant at the end of this thread as well.
  15. This is very informative. Thank you!