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  1. You have beautiful plants!
  2. A wiki would be very helpful. Maybe we could have pages for different genera and then individual pages for each species, with objective information at the top like habitat and then cultivation tips at the bottom. Maybe something like this? Members could contribute photographs too.
  3. I have an Orchidioides Utricularia with a flower stalk, but the size of the flower stalk is throwing me off. The plant it appears to be coming from is Utricularia praetermissa, and the leaves are of reasonable size. But the flower stalk is tiny. Could it be that the plant is just stressed and so the flower is smaller than it should be? The plant also produced a flower stalk last year, and while it eventually aborted, it was much larger. Anyways, I would appreciate any explanations as to what is going on.
  4. Nice plants!
  5. Very nice! I can't even get Utricularia asplundii to flower.
  6. Beautiful plants!
  7. Does anyone know what species of Utricularia these are?
  8. I would grow it in highland conditions.
  9. If only it was in cultivation.... Utricularia hamiltonii too!
  10. That's amazing. Congratulations!
  11. Pretty cool seeing the Drosera growing aquatically. I like the last picture lol.
  12. Really like the Drosera anglica!