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  1. " out of stock"

    I shall have more in the spring/summer. I have a number in progress! Nigel HC
  2. They’re all mature sized divisions. I use 9 cm square pots for the Sarracenia. Nigel H-C
  3. D. Gigantea from seeds

    Don't worry! It's the UK CPS the article went in. It also went in the December 2013 Plantsman, one of the RHS magazines. Message me your email address and I'll send it to you. Regards Nigel H-C
  4. Help

    It's working now. I used Imgur and now they show: Cheers NIgel
  5. Help Just a test... Nigel H-C
  6. Help

    Couple of good ideas, thanks all. Job for the to-do list for today. Nigel H-C
  7. Help

    Perhaps I’m being thick, but where’s the gallery?
  8. Help

    That’s an idea. The pain would also work but it states 10kb!
  9. D. Gigantea from seeds

    I’ve got an article in the most recent CPS journal on the tuberous Drosera which you may find useful. Nigel H-C
  10. Help

    I have some plants to sell, but when I tried to upload a photo it said I could only upload 10 kB! Any ideas? NigelH-C
  11. Yes, you are quite right, you can send plants and seeds anywhere in the EU. Nigel HC
  12. Ever the mercenary, I have many Sarracenia, individually or as collections. Link below. Regards Nigel
  13. As one of the professional growers, I only sell Utrics I’ve flowered so the id is correct. Indeed, those on my website are mostly pictured with shots I’ve taken myself. I can’t and won’t speak for other professional growers, and wonder if there is confusion between us and the many who sell a few surplus plants. Nigel HC
  14. Sarracenia species

    Similar shape to a rather nice minor x (x catesbaei) I’ve got. Nigel HC