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  1. Drosera filiformis red or not?

    Could be. Are they in natural or artificial light? Full sun will answer the question! Yes, they will be forming hibernacula now, so you probably won't know until next year! Nigel H-C
  2. Drosera id

    Looks like a D. venusta to me. Give it more light, it's a beautiful plant. Nigel H-C
  3. Hello from the south coast

    Welcome to the both of you! I'm sure you'll find this a most absorbing interest, and as I always tell people, these are the best plants to stimulate young minds. Nigel HC
  4. Drosera regia and cephalotus winter Sleep

    I tend to keep them above freezing. I have frozen them and they've been fine, and for that matter I've also frozen Drosera regia, but wouldn't necessarily recommend it. Nigel HC
  5. Drosera regia and cephalotus winter Sleep

    A minimum of 7 Celsius and damp rather than wet will be fine. Regards Nigel H-C
  6. So now Sarracenia purpurea eats slugs!

    I did that once with another gardening website, and they didn't want to know as apparently they were experts!
  7. Sarracenia peaches or exornata peaches

    As I understand it, a nursery can register a new cultivar simply by having it in their catalogue/website. There was also the S x mitchelliana from Sarracenia nurseries called 'Red Lips' which seems to have dropped off the radar. Anyone growing this still? I have a couple knocking around. Nigel H-C
  8. So now Sarracenia purpurea eats slugs!

    It also implies they can be planted out in the garden. This slug eating nonsense was started by some or other charlatan a number of years back and some outlets are still using it. Nigel H-C
  9. Help! pitcher going brown?

    I'd leave dividing until the spring, that way the plants have the whole season to root through and establish. I use a peat and perlite mix, the same as for the Sarracenia. Nigel H-C
  10. Help! pitcher going brown?

    It's fine, just the result of the insects inside breaking down and perfectly normal for this time of year. Sarracenia do the same. Hope that allays any concerns! Regards Nigel H-C
  11. Drosera acaulis

    I see the photo had made it into the new Drosera books, ownership of which, in my opinion, should be mandatory! Kew's labelling has been iffy, to say the least, in the past, but the current team are working hard to get the collection back on its feet. Nigel H-C
  12. Help distinguishing small Drosera

    Looks like spatulata and rubrifolia. Nigel
  13. Spent Compost

    Me too!
  14. Rose clear ultra spray.

    I overdosed some Sarracenia with it a few years back as an experiment and it screwed them! In small doses it seems fine but just don't overdo it. Nigel H-C
  15. Slow release pellets for D, regia

    I've never fed mine, and to agree with Dunc they catch, at times, a huge amount, so extra would be quite superfluous. When they're small they seem to struggle on for a year or two, remaining small until they're able to catch larger insects, at which time they're off the blocks like a lamprey on an ice rink. Never tried feeding whilst small, but if I get round to pollinating this year (something I've planned but failed to facilitate for the past couple of years, though followers of mine will know that last year went somewhat contrary to plan), I'll try something. Regards Nigel