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  1. Hi, please could someone correctly I.D. this plant for me, its one that has lost a label somewhere. I think it is S.Alata var Rubrioperculata giant red lid, but would like confirmation for my records. This picture was taken today.
  2. Welcome B52, what part of Wales are you in??
  3. I visited Chester Zoo yesterday and spotted the Bog garden so thought I would share it with those interested in making one. I will take another picture during the year when the plants have grown.
  4. Thanks mate, I had to send by email in the end, thought sure before we could do it from your gallery on hear, but even that has vanished. Will use Flickr next time.
  5. Hi Folks. How do I upload a picture from my computer to a PM message., also how do I find my own photo gallery now, as i can't find my pictures like before. Thanks Ron
  6. Nice comparison, what a big difference in size in HG,to BB, beautiful plants also.
  7. cpbobby, if you are looking to get the best images then save in raw, or dependent on your camera you could save in Raw/Jpeg so that you have the best of both worlds, and you have your Jpeg image to refer back to. I have always shot in raw, as it give you the opportunity to select better detail in raw post processing, as a trial take an identical image in Raw and Jpeg and then look at them side by side on your monitor and you will notice the difference, you will have a much wider selection of brightness and shadow detail in the Raw image. Naturally it is dependent on your processing skills and software as to how you can take advantage of the Raw file, the basis of a good photographer is to get the image as perfect as possible in the camera before pressing the button,so that it needs very little if no processing, If you have the ability to look at a Histogram on your camera then use that facility, as with the +/- stops button which allows you to alter the amount of light/shade entering the lens etc, and most importantly compose the image correctly as you cannot alter that in processing. If you relatively new to photography have a look a a "Dummies Guide" to using your specific camera, don't let the name put you off they are a good book and widely available in the USA. I do a lot of Flower and flower Macro photography of my orchids/ Hope that helps a little.
  8. I tried using Neem oil + washing up liquid + warm water and it did not mix, irrespective of how hard you shook the spray bottle, it just stuck to the bottle sides, also tried it as a bath for my Pleione bulbs and had the same problem, it just floated on surface. Will give Corky"s Pink Sun a try.
  9. Really deep colour Dimitar,
  10. Colouring up nicely.
  11. Hi Dimitar, I got it from Alister at Southwest Carnivorous Plants about three years ago.
  12. Hear are a couple of mine with Winter colour Dudley Watts and a Typical leaf pulling Dudley Watts. Typical Leaf Pulling.
  13. Nice plant, and getting some good colour.
  14. Nice plant and great colour.
  15. Looking good Dimi, such a deep colour, soon be black.