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  1. Nothing wrong with Bord Na Mona peat I use it, just bought a 170 Ltr bale last week.
  2. Great looking plant Dimi.
  3. Thanks Martin, I am using a Mac and when I hover over it, it just shows my picture detail, before the changes I used to have the drop down box which gave about four options including copy url but I don't have that anymore. It used to be very easy before but things seem to be missing now. I will keep playing, Thanks.
  4. Another question, thanks I uploaded an image and found my gallery again, but if I want to use a picture again from the gallery how do I get that image's url as I cannot find anything to click to get it, all I have is the image JPEG no. Sorry to be thick its an age thing
  5. From the album Ron

    Bog garden Chester zoo
  6. Thanks everyone, and thanks also Martin for the How To list, I had tried before after the changes to find MyPictures in the Gallery but could not find them, I will give this a go. Thanks for the help.
  7. Hi Admin, has the attachment capacity been reduce, I cannot find any of my pictures since the change and while trying to post on the sales forum to enable the upload of five images each around the 70/80Kb size I have had to delete Five images from other topics, so now those topics have the content but no pictures. Does this mean that we are going to have a lot of Forum topics without images. Thanks Ron
  8. Thought I would share this little beauty with you.
  9. I know they are not Carnivorous plants, but I am running a trial with some Disa Orchids using the Melcourt Growbark pine with coarse perlite similar to what Mike King is using and so far I can see no difference to using Coarse peat and perlite.
  10. Hi, please could someone correctly I.D. this plant for me, its one that has lost a label somewhere. I think it is S.Alata var Rubrioperculata giant red lid, but would like confirmation for my records. This picture was taken today.
  11. Welcome B52, what part of Wales are you in??
  12. I visited Chester Zoo yesterday and spotted the Bog garden so thought I would share it with those interested in making one. I will take another picture during the year when the plants have grown.
  13. Thanks mate, I had to send by email in the end, thought sure before we could do it from your gallery on hear, but even that has vanished. Will use Flickr next time.
  14. Hi Folks. How do I upload a picture from my computer to a PM message., also how do I find my own photo gallery now, as i can't find my pictures like before. Thanks Ron
  15. Nice comparison, what a big difference in size in HG,to BB, beautiful plants also.