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  1. Andrew Davies

    Pinguicula lutea

    Hi I have just bought one from a place in Hawaii and it is looking good .10.7.2017.It did not take long to come....
  2. Andrew Davies

    Pinguicula lutea

    How is it looking now in 2017.Regards Andrew Davies
  3. Andrew Davies

    tissue culture pictures:-)

    It's brilliant to see these plants grown like this.Truely fascinating.Best wishes.
  4. Andrew Davies

    hi from gwent

    hi every one , new to this forum in april .i am from gwent in southwales.ihave grown many different plants in the past but iam now very interested in carniverous plants.This forum is a wealth of information and no doubt very intersting people. best regards Andrew.
  5. Andrew Davies

    Drosera graomogolensis

    I think drosera graomogolensis are so cool and beautiful plants.
  6. Andrew Davies

    drosera plants.

    hi i am new to this talking on line bit nervous. any way i recieved some drosera plants from christian and claudia klein in germany today. iam absolutely delighted with them. abig thankyou to cklein.(carnivores and more) i will be eagerly watching them grow.drosera graeomogolensis.
  7. Andrew Davies

    Christian Klein: carnivores and more

    Thanks martin ive sent an email and waiting for a reply
  8. Andrew Davies

    Christian Klein: carnivores and more

    hi i have tried all the email address for christian klein and i am getting nowhere avery one comes back failed.can ayone help