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  1. I just read this and thought I would share!
  2. I'm with Mike on this. I lost a season last year due to Moorland, I switched to the same milled growbark pine mix Mike is currently trialling and the results so far are very impressive, even with smaller recent divisions, in short its been like night and day for me. Interestingly, I noticed a fair amount of largish (40mm size scalpings ) stones in the Moorland compost when it arrived, hence, whilst it might contain peat who knows what the stones were, potentially buffering the water and don't get me started about the weed growth! On the flip of that, I know some people use it without issues though! The milled pine mix on the other hand is weed free, a much more open mix when combined with 2-4mm grit & perlite, resulting in a cleaner, fresher media all-round. Time will tell, but certainly a very promising mix and I won't be using anything else!
  3. Ditto, I think Richard has nailed it - the issue being the authentication...if however, the said FB page was made publically available then embedding the stream using this process would be straight forward to deploy and give a live feed in the relevant CPUK page, however, its still one-sided; to 'sync' bi-directionally might be possible somehow, but would almost certainly require a fair degree of coding, err site hacking to setup and configure at the detriment of annoying FB admins and possible suspension, so in short probably not worth the whole world of pain it would create...LOL