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  1. Please don`t use tap water. It´s mostly to calcarous. Rainwater is perfect. The urn should be always filled with water.
  2. Mobile showed a pic in the forum of a Cephalotus in cat litter. I try to use it for rooting. It`s an experiment so far. My windowsill nursery
  3. @partisangardener When I start it is really wet. For weeks I don`t fill up with water, so after some time the moss is only humid. If that happens before the leafs get roots I fill up again and it starts all over again.Waterlevel you can see at my last pic. Sometimes it takes month before a root appears. Dudley Watts Clone is one of them. Very, very slow. I tried rooting hormon for many times but to my opinion it doesn`t help.
  4. Some of mine
  5. Different methods. The best temperatur is between 20 and 22°C and in the shadow. My success is about 85 % In live shagnum within the motherplants pot
  6. @ mobile - thanks. Letter reversed
  7. I have my leaf cuttings during winter and spring in a small aquarium on a south window. Waterlevel 3 - 4 cm. The sun is shining often very strong. Today I measured the temperature. First I didn`t believed it - + 40°C.
  8. How about a pic ? Harro
  9. These are mine.
  10. I found a very interesting article in: Die Bromelie 2016(2). This is the magazine of the German Bromelidad Society. Written in German and English. With kind permission this article can be published here.
  11. I got some of the so called Big Boy. But there is a real naughty one. Sometimes he makes a really big pitcher the next one could be normal or even small. That`s the way the ball bounces.
  12. Hallo,

    falls möglich würde ich gerne eine Pflanze kaufen.

    Gruß aus dem Schwarzwald


  13. What is the cover of the substrate ?
  14. Eden Black and one of my Howell Giant in comparison.
  15. Lilacina you are always looking for mistakes member sometimes are doing (will T and others). You are not fawless. Double posting as you did is not nessesary and by the way have you learned to post a picture ?