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  1. Utricularia, vegetative parts

    Nice pictures, do the root-like stems have structures comparable to root hairs? I haven't seen those on my Utricularia before
  2. Spaghnum starting on peat

    Really cool to see!
  3. My Sphagnum

    Wow I'm really interested to see if you are able to identify that Sphagnum and maybe post some pictures of it :) and I'd love to add the real S. squarrosum to my collection, so let me know when you have some spare time
  4. Macro pIcture of a sporophyte

    Update: I sowed the spores in two different conditions on peat. I cooked the peat for 10 minutes. I have germination in one of the pots, but I'm not sure if it's from the Sphagnum spores I sowed, or from spores that didn't die. This pictures shows protonemata from what I hope to be a Sphagnum. Google images isn't really helpful on how they should look like. If anyone knows for sure what it is, let me know 17th of July (This is a macro pictures, the plants are really tiny) 14th of August
  5. My Sphagnum

    I think he is really busy, and if you have the microscope and knowledge of what parts you should photograph, you are at the point of being able to do it yourself using a good key. It's worth to look at his some species he describes on his site to see the microscopic pictures with the characteristics typical for some of the species.I kinda want a microscope now! I think ID based on pictures is only possible if you know in what region the Sphagnum grew and if you know what species occur in that country. I'm still not sure about my own species, maybe later this year when I have time and when I can borrow a microscope :)
  6. My Sphagnum

    I received 6 samples of different species of Sphagnum today from a really kind sir from Italy, on ebay. He works with Sphagnum on a professional level and I don't think there are many who know as much about that plant as he does. This person also has a nice informative website on cultivation and description of some species, for those who are interested: http://www.coxnature.altervista.org/Sphagnum/GuidaSfagno.html (You can use the translate feature if you don't speak Italian) This is how the moss looked like when it arrived, they didn't mind the transport. I'm as much excited as when I receive carnivorous plants, I'm really excited to see these grow up!
  7. D. regia black leave tips

    Ok thanks, I'll consider it. I put them in long pots especially for that purpuse, and the roots aren't really growing wide, but like you say, the roots reach the bottom of the pot pretty easily. I might look for bigger ones. Actually I just realize that you can't see the whole pot, so here is a picture This pictures is from spring, you can see how the plants look different after a low-light winter. Longer leaves but not really healthy.
  8. My Sphagnum

    Maybe you are a bit over enthousiastic with putting questions in this thread about how I grow my moss. I already wrote down how I treat mine and what i think are the needs for it, I don't really have anything to add. If you are interested in growing Sphagnum, you should really buy some from someone on this forum from the UK or a webshob, because the dried moss most probably won't grow. And Sphagnum doesn't have roots by the way. Please let's not spam so much in this thread, I wanted to keep this as a report of my Sphagnum, and in the future I'll be growing other species, try to name them and post other pictures on here. Thanks
  9. Manders, did spontanuous Sphagnum happen a lot to you? I've been growing CP's in peat for 5 years and would love it is I have some Sphagnum randomly appearing, but so far no luck yet even though there are probably quite a bit of spores in there. I once read an article suggesting that Sphagnum spores need some kind of higher nutritional values then the adult plants in order to germinate. Do you use fertilizer by any chance? Maybe that's the reason you got the spontanuous Sphagnum? If it's not this, maybe just the brand of peat, or pure luck.
  10. D. regia black leave tips

    Hmm thanks for the answers. Tips on how to prevent this or provide better conditions outside are still welcome. I don't have a greenhouse so that's not an option yet :) I'd love to see a bit more dew again and healthy leave tips. Mine are in full sun and most of the time in standing water as I think the pots used to dry out too quickly. I may try one pot in half shade next year during the hot summer periods
  11. My Sphagnum

    Really wet, lot of light, no nutrients. Just like you'd treat CP's :) I prefer outside in the sun and undrained pots or trays, but they are not picky.
  12. My Sphagnum

    Thanks :) I don't know this brand so I'm not sure, but if the moss is actually alive, then it should grow
  13. D. regia black leave tips

    For all the people who grow D. regia, did anyone have this problem before? I have a D. regia for about 3 years, in which time it has grown more or less to adult size. In winter it's forced on a windowsill and doesn't like it there but in spring and summer it takes off outside in full sun. The left one in the picture is the original plant, and I hoped it would flower this year but it doesn't seem super happy when I look closer. The tips of the newer leaves quickly go black or curl inwards a bit (not like the curling around prey). The pot with two plants on the right doesn't really have this. Does anyone know if it's a matter of too high nutrients? I don't own a TDS meter, the peat they are in isn't the best quality though. I don't dare repotting them in full summer. Or are they too exposed to wind and rain? Or is it some kind of bugs affecting the plant? I do notice the seeping water is brownish in both pots, maybe the peat breaks down already, but I'd be surprised, they were repotted last year. Also most people say that this species is one of the most nutrient tolerant Drosera's and my other plants stand in the same peat. Or maybe does the fern affect the plant? In winter this fern grows quite a bit but when it goes outside in full sun, it dies back again.
  14. My Sphagnum

    This is what three months of growth looks like. First picture taken on day of planting: Darlingtonia in a white pot with peat/perlite, and some Sphagnum heads on top of it, pressed into the peat. The pot has no drainage holes, hoping to keep it wet easily. The Sphagnum loves it, and I hope the Cobra loves it too. May 13th 2017 August 4th, 2017 I try to keep the cobra above the moss, if needed I'll pull out some of the moss but for now I just push it back from time to time.