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  1. My plants-werds

    Wonderful plants! What mixture do you use for pinguicula? Only sand?
  2. Drosera filiformis red or not?

    I light them with LEDs. They also stood on the south window all summer.
  3. Drosera filiformis red or not?

    Hi everyone. I have some question about my drosera filiformis red seedlings. I bought seeds of this drosera as seeds of Drosera Filiformis Red. At first they were very red, but then it became just green with red tentacles. I began to doubt that I actually have that plant and i think that they are simple Drosera filiformis with dormancy period. Now they are looking like this. I think they started forming a hibernacula. What do you think about this?
  4. silica sand?

    Thank you all for your help :)
  5. silica sand?

    This sand for pool filter suitable for CP's?
  6. Maybe somebody knows where to buy high-quality low-cost LEDs for assembling the lamp)?
  7. Dieball's Plants

    What brand LED uses your friend?
  8. Hi. Do you send gemmae in Belarus?

  9. my Drosophyllum

    Very nice plants :)
  10. Plants 2013

    Is it a photo of pinguicula vulgaris?
  11. I live in Belarus, but my relatives will come in spain. I wanted to ask them to buy carnivorous plants there. So I asked about online shopping in Spain. I think the delivery plant in Belarus will be expensive.
  12. Does anyone know the online store of carnivorous plants in Spain?
  13. This is multifida or not?

    This photos of plants from which they sent me the seeds: (the photo are not mine)