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  1. Lack of RAIN

    Thanks every one for the Replies, I guess my best option is to get a £40 RO Unit from ebay, then I can treat the tap water as and when I need to
  2. Lack of RAIN

    So there has been a lack of rain in the South East of the UK over the past few months and my water butts are getting very low. If I fill a water butt up with Tap Water (Bearing in mind we are in a very HARD water area) and leave it to stand for a few weeks, would that be ok to use on my VFT,s? Thanks
  3. Help pls. Which moorland gold to get?

    I have found a Stockist of ..... Klasmann Irish Moss Peat Fine (Recipe 822) 200L £12.24 Silvaperl Perlite Standard 100L 1-5mm £12.00 Cornish Grit (2-4mm) 25kg £4.84 Prices Excluding Vat, Deliver was £12.50 Best to Call as the Klassman is not listed on their web site. Hope it helps some one Kev
  4. Rhizome cuttings

    HI I got some plants from Mike King last year, and 2 of them are getting very FULL with pitchers. I an going to try Rhizome cutting and I'm looking for some Do's and Don'ts, maybe a good video tutorial any one knows of one Thanks all Kev
  5. White Fly

    Awesome, ill get some in the morning Thanks Chris
  6. White Fly

    Hi I have just noticed White Fly on 2 of my Venus Fly Traps that are in an Unheated green house, Whats the best option to get rid of them? Thanks Kev
  7. Mid September

    Awesome, Thanks for the info Lucien
  8. Mid September

    I have noticed a few of my flytraps have gone MAD with new growth over the past few weeks Is it TOO LATE in the season to repot ? Thanks Kev
  9. Shaded Bog Garden

    any idea on some Sarracenia that will grow in the shade?
  10. Drosera capensis - GIANT Form

    I have just Ordered a Drosera capensis - GIANT Form, "Plants currently 12-18cms tall", i need some Advice on what size pot i should use when it arrives? Thanks in advance Kevin
  11. perlite?

    Cool, thanks for the info
  12. perlite?

    Do i need to Wash/Rinse the perlite before i use it?
  13. perlite?

    I just got a 100L bag of perlite, but i need some ideas on the best way to rinse it before i us it?
  14. Help pls. Which moorland gold to get?

    Ada, any chance you can ask your mate where he gets the Klasmann from? i am near Heathrow and the nearest stockest i can find is 80 miles away in West sussex Thanks
  15. Help pls. Which moorland gold to get?

    Cool Thank Steve