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  1. Hey guys, today a small update. This non-carnivore seedling from 2015 has big edges of the traps and a nice coloration. I am especially proud of this plant, since it is a seedling from 2015 with 'Werewolf'-teeth AND trigger hairs. So it's a carnivore plant. I already have shown this non-carnivore seedling from 2015 above. It has 'Werewolf' teeth and an intensely red inside of the trap with a lighter center. Regards Tobias
  2. Here are some more pictures of the Dionaea "heart-seedling" from above. Regards Tobias
  3. Hey guys, today a small update. Here, two pictures of the first two plants which I have already shown on 26th of March: This seedling from 2015 is non-carnivore and has teeth which look like they were molten. This seedling from 2015 is non-carnivore too and grows relatively high. Therefore it reminds me a bit of a cobra. Regards Tobias
  4. Hey guys, today I’d like to show you some more seedlings. This seedling from 2014 is non-carnivore and has impressive traps and teeth. It also has a slightly red color in the traps. This seedling from 2015 is also non-carnivore, has wide opened / curved traps which are red on the inside. In addition, it has extraordinary teeth which remind me of tentacles. This seedling from 2014 is non-carnivore, completely green and has fascinating teeth. Regards Tobias
  5. Hey guys, today a small update. This is a seedling from 2015. It's non-carnivore and forms small hearts on the back of the traps. This is also a seedling from 2015. It is also non-carnivore and the teeth are similar to ‘Werewolf‘. The inside of the traps is red with a lighter center. This is a seedling from 2015 too. It is non-carnivore and has very interesting teeth. More seedlings will follow soon. Regards Tobias
  6. Hey guys, here are two of my Dionaea seedlings. Note: Since the plants are not even two years old, the characteristics can still vary. The first one is a seedling from 2015. It’s non-carnivore and the teeth are similar to D.m. ‘Werewolf‘. It’s also variegated on some traps. The second one is a seedling from 2015 too. It's non-carnivore and the teeth are similar to ‘Werewolf‘ too. The traps of the plant have a very nice shape. I will show you here some more seed grown Dionaea in the next weeks. Regards Tobias
  7. Hey, I water my plants with small amounts of an "all purpose"- or orchid fertilizer two to three times a year. Regards Tobias
  8. @FlytrapCare @David Ahrens Thank you! @David Ahrens Haha! I only removed the Flickr-links, so you get the pictures without the text. Dionaea Dentata by Tobias S., auf Flickr Regards Tobias
  9. Dionaea Adentata Dionaea WB3 Dionaea Jaws Smiley Dionaea Werewolf Dionaea Korean Melody Shark Dionaea 015 (Carnivoria) Dionaea 017 (Carnivoria) Regards Tobias
  10. Hey guys, I want to show you some of my Dionaea. Have fun! Dionaea Dentata Dionaea Spotted Hyena Dionaea 013 (Carnivoria) Dionaea Alien Dionaea Pacman Dionaea Red Pluto (does not show its assumed “Pluto“ characteristics)
  11. @JMHoff Thanks! Yes, the color is really nice. @James My plants are in a terrarium with some artificial light. So it's nothing special. Regards Tobias
  12. Hey guys, an update of my Seed grown 006 in a better picture quality. I hope you like it. Regards Tobias
  13. Hey guys, a little update. Cephalotus German Giant My little Cephalotus Hummer's Giant Regards Tobias
  14. Hey Stu, Thanks! Sorry, I don't know that, because it was a crossing of many cultivars. So it's impossible to say which the parents are. Regards Tobias
  15. Hey guys, here is a little update of my Seed Grown Dionaea 006. I took the pictures with my phone, so the quality is not very good, but I want to show you the new traps nevertheless, because I really like them. Regards Tobias