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  1. Beautiful plants. It would be a good thing to put names to each picture - I'd personally like to know what I'm looking at.
  2. Mostly close ups today. There's no single plant in this selection I don't like. Best of all the popular hybrids imho - H. heterodoxa x nutans with massive lid, still young yet looking promising already H. uncinata, hairless pulchella and pulchella hybrid and last but not least - H. huberi. I fell in love in huberi the moment I got the first adult plant. You might call it a "typical" Heliamphora as it doesn't bear any characteristic features but I still find it very special. One picture shows seed grown H. huberi which was sown 2 years ago! Quite surprising for me as it's already an adult plant with largest leaf measuring 11cm already. This isn't huberi's last word, I can assure you that! :)
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  12. Apart from Heliamphora I also put other CPs in my highland terraria but it depends on the current amount of space, part of the year etc. Some, like Cephalotus for example, grow outdoors most part of the year. This time I'm adding couple pictures of temporary inhabitants... Okay, some Helis as well :) All are relatively young plants.
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