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  1. Does anybody else grow bamboo

    Fargesia can get pretty tall as well. And by "compact" I rather meant clumping type od growth.
  2. Does anybody else grow bamboo

    Just like carambola said Phyllostachys requires lots od work to keep it under control. Far better bamboo are from Fargesia genera. They are compact.
  3. The registration is not available. Can't I buy the EEE ticket online?
  4. Photo of cultivars

  5. Ptaah's Heliamphora collection

    Thank you :) Recent cleaning and trimming made me remove some plants from terraria and allowed to reach couple Helis which I rarely give closer look. Here they are: Heliamphora huberi (Amuri Tepui) - AW clone - this little felow is with me for quite some time already, still young and relatively small. I feel though that slower growth, not very huberi-like shape of the pitchers and inner hair which with each leaf are getting longer are sign that we are dealing with a hybrid. There's probably some H. pulchella in it. Time will tell how this plant will develop. Heliamphora uncinata (Amuri Tepui) - AW clone - very pretty clone of H. uncinata, but I'm yet to see here more downward pointing nectar spoons. They will either appear with time or stay this way. If they stay like this then this would mean we deal with the hybrid with H. exappendiculata. Heliamphora nutans (Mt. Roraima) - I have this plant for couple years already and it grows slowly. Still a tiny plant. H. "Tequila" - I forgot to move it away from the sun at some point ;)
  6. Ptaah

  7. Ptaah's Heliamphora collection

    This time variety of species and a single hybrid. First comes the giant clone of H. uncinata - still young plant but I simply love it already. In my opinion it's the best clone of this species in cultivation. This plant I got as a small seedling couple years ago (probably in 2013). After switching to adult leaves it looked just like my any other H. purpurascens, but the nectar spoons are getting bigger and bigger with each new leaf. I'll keep an eye on this guy - perhaps to turn into something special. Another look at the H. ionasi "3" from previous post. It looses much of its' character if you don't see those long and thick inner hair. A small update on my small seed grown H. huberi. H. heterodoxa which I have in my collection for quite some time but actually this year was the first it started to grow well. Hopefully nectar spoons will get bigger than this. Not so red at the moment, but it'll get there. This clone has been focusing on flowering since winter, with barely any new leaf growth. When this H. arenicola gets more leaves it should switch to red color. Still young and painfully slowly growing plant.
  8. Attention

    I don't see your pictures. Instead there's a message: "Please update your account to enable 3rd party hosting".
  9. Attention

    Is it possible to get his name / CPUK nick? What's his eBay nick to start with? Once I have them I'll inform Polish community on this bad person's practices.

    In my opinion Heldros is a very solid shop and probably the best in my country in terms of reliability. I've bought many plants from them in a timeframe of couple years. With every single purchase plants were dispatched immediately, all of the very exact size as stated on the website and in perfect health. I'll repeat myself here - perfect health. I was especially amazed by beautiful Darlingtonias I got. The owner of Heldros - Marek - is an honest person with great knowledge of his plants. Heldros - highly recommended.
  11. Ptaah's Heliamphora collection

    Thank you very much for kind comments. Here's couple of recent pictures with today's highlight - the superb crying exappendiculata. Love it. With its' spectacular look comes decent size, too. This is probably the most popular clone of H. ciliata coming from AW. The clone number is for my personal use only. I've noticed this plant doesn't develop well for some people, but I'm lucky enough to keep it in good shape since day 1. Best kept in solarium ;) We aren't very lucky with good H. arenicola specimens. This one grows quite short and with the reddish coloration it barely resembles plants in situ which are all yellowish-green with red nectar spoon (vide: "Sarraceniaceae of South America" by Redfern). Booring! Okay, will she stop being THIS red? I'd really like to see some green on my neblinae. Poor me... Last but not least - the awesome plant - one amongst the 4 probably the best ionasis out there. Fat, stout, compact, colorful, hairy. My wife says it reminds her a bear. No wonder! :)
  12. Ptaah's Heliamphora collection

    It's been a while since I posted pictures last time, so there's going to be a bigger batch this time. Mostly pure species. Here we go: Here's the popular and amongst the best H. neblinae clones out there. Good grower - currently slowly reaching 30cm in height but I'm sure it's capable of more. Amongst the best exappendiculata clones - how can you not love it for such a big bubbles? :) My very own baby of H. huberi - at such a young age having mature pitchers. I wonder how big it finally gets and I really hope it keeps vertical growth habit of lids - would be something unusual compared to all popular clones of this species.
  13. OUSTANDING work, Vince. I'm sure that many people will find your topic very helpful. I wish you success with your new setup and don't forget to post some fresh pictures now and then :)
  14. Yes, it's correct. Regards, Maciej
  15. Hello, I got an answer from Klein family about couple days after sending an e-mail message to them. Never had any problems reaching them.