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  1. Thank you very much for kind comments. Here's couple of recent pictures with today's highlight - the superb crying exappendiculata. Love it. With its' spectacular look comes decent size, too. This is probably the most popular clone of H. ciliata coming from AW. The clone number is for my personal use only. I've noticed this plant doesn't develop well for some people, but I'm lucky enough to keep it in good shape since day 1. Best kept in solarium ;) We aren't very lucky with good H. arenicola specimens. This one grows quite short and with the reddish coloration it barely resembles plants in situ which are all yellowish-green with red nectar spoon (vide: "Sarraceniaceae of South America" by Redfern). Booring! Okay, will she stop being THIS red? I'd really like to see some green on my neblinae. Poor me... Last but not least - the awesome plant - one amongst the 4 probably the best ionasis out there. Fat, stout, compact, colorful, hairy. My wife says it reminds her a bear. No wonder! :)
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  12. It's been a while since I posted pictures last time, so there's going to be a bigger batch this time. Mostly pure species. Here we go: Here's the popular and amongst the best H. neblinae clones out there. Good grower - currently slowly reaching 30cm in height but I'm sure it's capable of more. Amongst the best exappendiculata clones - how can you not love it for such a big bubbles? :) My very own baby of H. huberi - at such a young age having mature pitchers. I wonder how big it finally gets and I really hope it keeps vertical growth habit of lids - would be something unusual compared to all popular clones of this species.
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