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  1. Rain Rain Rain

    Sorted! :)
  2. Can't view some pictures

  3. Hi from South Yorkshire

    I warned a few people who attended Harlow Carr that it was addictive!
  4. New pets

    No, they're well apart. lol
  5. New pets

    I have been convinced to give a home to these guys. My friend has had a snail explosion! So I now have a tank of baby Giant African Land Snails. Some of which I may need to re home when they've all grown up. :)
  6. Deformed traps

    Most likely aphid damage. The plants will be more vulnerable outside.
  7. Photo of cultivars

    Looking good as always darling! :)
  8. What are you listening to right now?

    Linkin Park 'No more sorrow'
  9. Howdy from sunny Pretoria, South Africa!

    Oh yes!
  10. My VFT collection pics

    Nice! :) I like that selection very much.
  11. Howdy from sunny Pretoria, South Africa!

    Helloo! It's a very addictive hobby. :)
  12. hi from derbyshire

    Ayup from another Derbyshire resident. :)
  13. Rain Rain Rain

    My butts overfloweth!
  14. Rain Rain Rain

  15. Slack's Max falling over

    Yes, the weight of flies will add to it. :)