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  1. Giant african land snails - looking for a home

    Normally I would say that was funny but not in this case. Snails may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they are loved pets to some people and he was in a very bad way. ☹️
  2. Perfect timing!

    Lol. Thanks chick. Hope you’re good. X
  3. Just removed greenhouse lagging in time for more snow! Lol
  4. Sounds like a good idea to me too. It does make me smile though. Especially as I keep giant African land snails and nematodes are one of my worse nightmares!
  5. How do you over-winter your Cephalotus (in the UK)?

    I was going to leave half of mine in the greenhouse this year but chickened out. I normally over winter on the south facing bathroom windowsill with the window cracked open. They seem to like it and grow well as long as kept fairly dry. I’m struggling for space now though.
  6. Our Sarracenia haul for the year

  7. cephalotus follicularis on sale locally

    You need to get better sex!!
  8. Dionaea in snail tank

    I didn’t pay too much for mine. They seem to be a bit expensive elsewhere though.
  9. Dionaea in snail tank

    From a reptile supplies company. Zoo med. :)
  10. Dionaea in snail tank

    Lol. Yes Dionaea “plastic”
  11. Dionaea in snail tank

    New addition to the snail tank
  12. Giant african land snails - looking for a home

    Yep, it’s illegal to release them in the wild. Hence humanely destroying the eggs to avoid accidentally releasing live snails.
  13. Hi guys I realise this isn't plant related as such but I have a few lands snail babies available if anyone is interested. I've just finished creating a self managing bio set up for mine. I've got grey tropical woodlice as cleaner critters. Peat or coir can be used as substrate among other things. An old fish tank or vivarium is suitable accommodation. They are reasonably cheap to set up and easy to keep. The eggs can be fed to carnivorous plants (after freezing them for a few hours to humanely neutralise them). Some people also feed the hatchlings to reptiles and fish such as skinks and cichlids. I find them quite therapeutic to watch and have set up a little woodland in their tank, with a few extras (trolls). Sad I know.... Message me if you're interested. There is a small charge of £1.00 each for the snails and postage (UK only). I can provide advice on set up etc. Photographs below. Adult size is shown below.
  14. 2017 Largest Dionaea Trap Competition

    Please accept my apologies but I over looked one of the entries by mistake (clearly had too much wine when pulling everything together). As such I will be providing a 4th prize to Rik who also had a prize size trap. All previous prizes and winners will be honoured.