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  1. They have plants for me, so it's a shame I can't go.
  2. Sadly not. I'm planning on going in August though. Happy to car share in August if you like?
  3. There are no words.
  4. Don't know what you mean!!! Lol
  5. Quite a bit of patternation on mine.
  6. Are you planning on getting another one? I still have one for sale <shameless plug> lol
  7. No, I definitely think yours is the imposter! :)
  8. Well done Matt! :)
  9. Go on...you know you want more
  10. I'm not familiar with that Irish peat moss myself. I'm sure it's fine if there are no added nasties. I was just going to warn you against buying 'Westland' peat. It's been the cause of a few cp problems. By the way. If you fancy a day out, try and make it to Mike Kings open day on the 10th June. You'll be ready to start erecting a greenhouse after that! ;)
  11. Lol! Out of interest, what brand of peat did you buy for those plants you'll never buy? :)
  12. Model place at Staunton. They have a license to make them. :)
  13. The most fabulous CP in my collection. Pity it needs dusting occasionally!
  14. Do you think it's worth Guy re potting in new soil? I'm always concerned about the quality of growing media supplied with plants from places like superstores.