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  1. Oh yes!
  2. Nice! :) I like that selection very much.
  3. Helloo! It's a very addictive hobby. :)
  4. Ayup from another Derbyshire resident. :)
  5. My butts overfloweth!
  6. Ditto!
  7. Yes, the weight of flies will add to it. :)
  8. All the flytraps are enjoying lots of fly grub! Even the tiddlers!
  9. Fingers crossed they settle down. Good luck with the repotting!
  10. I got bored after putting two or three maggots into pitchers. Lol Besides, I like to think of it as the fly version of 'The Running Man'. Which ones will make it and escape out through the roof vent...,
  11. It wasn't cheap at £7.50 but glad I saved it from the compost heap.
  12. I'm still waiting for flyaggeddon when half a pint of maggots turn in to flies!
  13. Well, I've done my bit to save at least one cp from the compost heap. ASDA seem to be selling a selection of vft and sarracenia. I grabbed a purp in crispy dry soil. He should be fine but I feel sorry for the others.