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  1. Beware of carnivoria.eu

    Also had problems with this seller. Some regias arrived dead and the seller never sent new plants, it just stop responding to the emails. Tried making a 230€ order but asked for the regias, again stopped responding.
  2. Has anyone recently had problems with czplants? I have done some transactions with this seller in the past and the support was good when the plants arrived with problems. But apparently that has changed. This time I ordered some expensive plants and to avoid problems to the seller I used the more expensive transport available. Not only the time to delivery was the same but all plants arrived burned apparently from ice. 3 are already dead and the other 2 will probably take the same path. I sent several emails with no response, and the same happened to a friend.
  3. unknown pest! (photos up)

    Hi, It appears to be red spiders (aranhiço vermelho). This year I'm having lots of this in CP and bonsai. Br, Daniel
  4. Bonsai pots for pygmy drosera?

    Hi, I have a Dionaea and a drosera in small bonsai pots to use in bonsai expositions. No problems here :)
  5. Canon 60D + 100mm macro lens + extension tubes + 2 speedlite Some examples:
  6. Some pictures with stacking technique

    Amazing work, congratulations.
  7. Hello from Portugal

    Hi, I'm a member of the Portuguese Association of Carnivorous Plants and Association Lusitana of Bonsai. I love to photograph macros with carnivourous plants, here are some examples: I'm here to learn and share. Br, Daniel