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  1. Wow, that's a lot. Here it is €12 for 100l if you know where to get it.
  2. Not pointless at all, atleast people are warned now and will not fall for it. Anyway a simple search on the forum could've answered the question:
  3. Bayer Provado, which is the same as Calypso in Europe, is safe to use on most CP's. But I'd still advice to test it out first using only small amounts. Aphids are one of the easier pests to get rid off, should take about 24hrs.
  4. As far as I know they have a winter break.
  5. I don't really think Christian is trying to give it a different name, he is just putting the name of the grower where he got this from as pretty much everyone does with a growlist. If i buy a C. follicularis from christian I will label it as: C. follicularis (Christian Klein). If you put something in parenthes it does not mean you are giving a new name. So why do you see this as giving a new name? By the way, if I look at some peoples growlist I see things such as: C. follicularis 'Location A'. Why are those people giving a location clone a cultivar name?
  6. I'll be there...
  7. Welcome fellow Belgian ;)
  8. There are some sarracenia that peak early such as oreophila and flava. Pure oreophila are not really growing anymore during summer for example. And there are also some sarracenia that have their peak late summer/autumn such as leucophylla. This is the reason why carniflora produces hybrids that are the result of crossing late season growers with early season growers.
  9. It was a great open day, really impressed by Mike's collection and great to meet some new people. To Mike and his family: thank you very much for the hospitality. I have taken a lot of pictures which I will upload during the week when I'm back home. I'm still at the airport :)
  10. I'll be there
  11. Peat with tiny amounts of fertilizer I believe
  12. They are indeed thriving, it is a very healthy location with many adult plants but also many younger plants.
  13. Some nice pictures here too:
  14. Looking at the brown pot where it was standing in when you got it, this plant originally comes from carniflora or another dutch nursery and they use fertilized peat to grow these (small amounts). This is probably the reason why they have these beautifull psittacina with big pitchers. Try putting 4 pellets of osmocote 6 month type at the beginning of spring next year in the pot.
  15. I repot in spring and winter. I usually start doing vft's in winter and then I start doing the sarracenia in late winter and early spring. I start early because otherwise I won't be ready. During winter I try to cut back brown pitchers to prevent mould in the greenhouse and usually when finally repotting I cut of almost everything because it saves me a lot of time later and to allow more light for new growth.