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  1. Are there any hobbyists, here, from Indonesia?
  2. jimscott

    D. communis

    Beautiful flowers from both of you!
  3. jimscott

    replying to posts

    That worked...
  4. jimscott

    replying to posts

    I use Chrome and switched themes but it still says my posts are empty. So now I am trying 'more reply options'.
  5. jimscott

    Mostly Pygmy....

  6. jimscott

    A few butterworts

    Very nicely done!
  7. jimscott

    Byblis in swamp near Perth WA

    Wow! That tells you a bit about what they need in our collections.
  8. jimscott

    Hello from Greece

    Welcome to CPUK!
  9. jimscott

    D. ultramafica

    Great pictures!
  10. jimscott

    Hello again from Denmark

    Welcome back!
  11. jimscott

    Neebie from southeast uk....

    Welcome to CPUK!
  12. jimscott

    D. communis

  13. jimscott

    Mostly Pygmy....

    The capensis came to me as 'Broad Leaf'. Everything is on a grow rack, with artificial lighting, as well as glass doors that have a southern exposure.
  14. jimscott

    Hello (Cześć) from Poland!

    Welcome to CPUK!