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  1. Hope that now it will go fine carambola :)
  2. I can´t find it
  3. Where is the forum chat?
  4. Bought from him back in 2012, good and healthy plants, still have them. I ordered yesterday two nepenthes, you can see in his site that till 19/06 they are in exhibitions so they are busy now.
  5. Thank you!
  6. Do you know if the bananas of this banana tree are edible?
  7. Such a minuscle pulchella flowering!
  8. Seems for me that one of them is just a variation of another... Like jaumavensis is just a local variation of esseriana...
  9. So, anyone has a plausible explanation to distinguish this two?
  10. Hello, I´m wondering, it is necessary a cites permission to buy a Nepenthes rajah from United Kingdom to EU(Portugal in my case) ?
  11. Sarracenia leucophylla x S.xmoorei Drosera latifolia
  12. Just a vertical pot like if it was a vertical cliff.