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  1. Kew Gardens- Behind the scenes.

    Would be interested too.
  2. Nepenthes attenboroughii

    How are they doing past 7 years?
  3. Solar Fans

    I will maybe add another one.
  4. My plants-werds

    Drosera browniana (Hatter Hill, W. A.) Pinguicula gigantea `White Flower`
  5. Nepenthes rajah

  6. Plantsman89's Plants

    Spring is near!
  7. My plants-werds

    Nepenthes hamata
  8. My plants-werds

    Thank you! You are asking for that tray? For what i remember is a mix of peat+perlite+silica sand+ volcanic rock , more percentage of sand than peat and perlite. And with a top dress of silica sand about 1cm with some crushed volcanic rock.
  9. D. Gigantea from seeds

    Would like to read that article too! :)
  10. Help

    Use flickr, it has good organization and you can upload different sizes.
  11. D. Gigantea from seeds

    I bought some seeds from czplants months ago and it didn´t germinated nothing at all by now, didn´t did any stratification.
  12. What to do with drying out and moldy plants

    Better now than leaving them with that conditions
  13. What to do with drying out and moldy plants

    Doesn´t look a good soil also, better use a mix of sphagnum peat + perlite (50:50). And for advice the plants need to be pushed up, the rizhome as to be visible.
  14. Plantsman89's Plants

    Really nice!