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  1. Drosera capensis red needs to have plenty of directo sun light to turn red... if not it will look like a typical one.
  2. Musa tropicana

    So far so good
  3. My Sphagnum

    Looks like it´s dried sphagnum, don´t have many hopes that it will grow.
  4. What type of vft is it?

    You can separate a portion if you want so you can have a pot with only that plant.
  5. What type of vft is it?

    It is a carnivorous plant... up the surface you have the leafs and after the flowers, under the surface you have the root system with the bladders, that catch very tiny insects or protozoa for example.
  6. What type of vft is it?

    Exists Terrestrial Utricularia too, do you see those litlle green leafs near your Dionaea? Those are the leafs of the Utricularia.
  7. What type of vft is it?

    And you have there Utricularia too...
  8. unidentified Nepenthes

    Nepenthes albomarginata
  9. D. regia black leave tips

    Same here, i notice that all summers, so my theory is heat wave too, so the tips are more sensitive and burn, not a alarming situation as they go normal here in September.
  10. Chat

    Thank you for a try!
  11. Chat

    No reasons?
  12. Windowsill growing

    Very nice plants you all have there!
  13. Hope that now it will go fine carambola :)