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  1. After a period of sad neglect I need to repot and relocate my nepenthes so I'm looking for some inspiration. I would like to put the less fussy cultivars in prominent positions in the living room but their functional black plastic pots are not very attractive. How do you display your favourite specimen? Where do you source decorative pots/baskets large enough for a vigorous cultivar like Bloody Mary?
  2. Ony

    New Nepenthes exhibit at Kew Gardens

    Such a shame I saw some of these plants a few months back and they looked promising. I hope some of them settle into their new home and perk up before my next visit.
  3. Ony

    Nepenthes veitcheii

  4. I did get the tesco value water and it tests at about 50 TDS. Not perfect but it will keep my plants alive until I can get to the shops next week:)
  5. Thanks! I will have a look for the deionized water. I normally get RO at my local aquatics shop but I can't get there for a while so I just need an alternative to tide me over.
  6. I have been caught short and can't get to my usual RO supplier so I'm going to have to find an alternative. Rainwater isn't an option and neither is tapwater. So far I've found references to Tesco value water being fairly soft and Voss artisan water is supposed to be 44 TTS. Can anyone confirm if either of those is suitable or give any better alternatives?
  7. The sundew seedlings are doing quite well but overcrowding seems to be an issue in the middle of the pot. Ive started to separate them out when they get big enough. I moved N sibuyanensis to an old aquarium as it was already starting to outgrow its bottle. Hoping to get a sun pitcher to keep it company soon :)
  8. All seems to be doing pretty well even though the humidity isn't ideal D. Capensis 'all red' finally going red :) New pitcher on N. Bloody Mary U.longifolia flower stalk
  9. Upload them somewhere else and then link them with the img tags, looking forward to seeing what youre up to :)
  10. Both neps are raised out of the water on bits of slate but the rest are sitting in it. edit: excuse the algae covered icecream tub, its a culture of daphnia that I feed my fish.
  11. Ok, my specimen is *tiny* I can rig something up for it with an old drinks bottle for now and work out what to do with it as it grows : /
  12. oops ive already bought it, whats tricky about it?
  13. I'm not convinced either tbh but I would prefer it open so thats what I'm going to try first. I'm now measuring 52% humidity, that should be higher when I have plants and I'm getting an ultrasonic fogger (partly because I like the look of them, I want a fog waterfall!). Accourding to the met office, humidity in London is high all year round (80-90% monthly averages) so theoretically this should be the least humid time of year indoors with the electric fan heater and all the windows closed. Both neps are potentially quite large but I've ordered small specimens so if/when then get to big for the shelf I will move them or trade them away. My flat isnt small (not like the new builds round here, no idea how people squeeze into them) but the shelf I just put in took up the last bit of space that hasnt been claimed by another hobby. Anyway plants have been ordered, I decided to cut down the list a little and do another order in spring so I ordered the 2 neps, U.longifolia, and Capensis all red. I still want a few more utrics but they can wait.
  14. I'm measuring 82% humidity about 6 inches above the tray, 55% humidity at my desk. edit: rats its gone down to 50%, I should have given the sensor more time to settle how does this list sound? Nepenthes 'Bloody Mary' small N.sibuyanensis Utricularia calycifida Utricularia longifolia Cephalotus follicularis D. capensis all red