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  1. Utricularia graminifolia in Taiwan

    Nice report! Thank you very much for sharing it. All the best.
  2. Toujours aussi spectaculaire! You are a master JP! Friendly, Damien Toujours aussi spectaculaire! You are a master JP! Friendly, Damien
  3. My G. hispidula

    Hi everyone, Nice topic Rodrigo! Genlisea are so amazing plants! Dead Sphagnum can work well including with G.africana. When I was in Angola, I saw some populations of this last species growing amount living and dead sphagnum whereas other populations were growing on sandy soils. I cultivation, I noticed that dead sphagnum can be really usefull when growing conditions deal with high temperatures and high humidity all year round (in a tropical terrarium for example). However a more "classical" growing media like a mix of peat and sand also works really well in the most cases. All the best, Damien
  4. Drosera capensis in habitat

    Wonderful Christian, many thanks for sharing!
  5. Dear growers, To start the year, I would like to share with you some pictures I took today. First, a beautiful flower of U.fulva: U.pubescens: Then, some pictures of Drosera which is one of my favourite genus: The rare D.chimaera growing slowly: D.roraimae from Serra do Araca and its amazing pink-red colour: A nice form of D.latifolia: A nice group of D.capensis WF x aliciae I hope you like them. All the best, Damien
  6. Happy New Year To All

    I wish you all the best for this new year! Let's grow!!!
  7. disaster

    Dear Daniel, I am also really really sorry about what happened to you and your family, I was really schocked by the videos of the fire. I send you all my postivie thinkings to overcome this dificult time. Of course, you can also count on me to rebuilt your collection when the situation will be better. Friendly, Damien
  8. Dear growers, I would like to share a strange observation I made with one of my Genlisea clone from Angola. As you can see on the following picture, all the leave of this plant have small white trichomes on their surface: This clone was supposed to be G.hispidula, at least, flowers were really similar to those from the description of this species. It was growing in the Central Region of Angola at about 1.800 m above see level in pure laterite with U.welwitshchii and madagascariensis. I hope you enjoyed this strange Genlisea. Pictures of the flowers will follow soon if they want to open one day :-) All the best, Damien
  9. Excellent pics! Thank you.
  10. Hi, I am also really interested in this project. Thank you again for sharing... Regards, Damien
  11. Amuri Part V - the Heliamphora gorge

    Martin, Just amazing! Thank you for sharing all these pictures with us... It is a really interesting habitat and not only for carnivorous plants. Cheers, Damien
  12. Thank you for your comments! Yes kisscool, thank you for the data. You will see tons of flowers if you go there soon ;-).
  13. Genlisea Guianensis In Flower

    Hello, I may be wrong but it looks like P.ionantha, P.planifolia and perhaps P.primuliflora also. These three American Pinguicula species like high water level during growing season...Actually it is a quite good idea to grow them with Genlisea... Regards, Damien
  14. Drosophyllum Lusitanicum

    Nice flowers. Congratulations!