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  1. Geoffrey Taylor

    Thanks Nigel, I was beginning to think that I was the only person who remembered Geoff. Before I got married to Sue, I used to spend Saturday evenings round Geoff's and we would talk and talk over a coffee all evening, although Geoff would often like something a little stronger. Geoff was brought up in north London and went to Latimer School, the same school as Bruce Forsyth, and very close to the same years. Geoff didn't know Brucie at the time. Geoff did national service and was based at a RAF base in Glouceshire. The sergeant major would wake them all up each morning shouting "Hands off cocks put on socks". American aircraft would sometimes be looking for the airbase but could be a little lost so they would transmit by radio so that the airbase could get a fix on the aircraft and give it instructions. The pilots would say " I don't want her, you can have her, she's too fat for me" over and over again until the groundcrew got a fix. On the day of leaving the airbase, Geoff and the others were lined up along the railway platform. The train was coming in with the new recruits on board. The sergeant major shouted "OK men, lets show them how it is done" and had them all lined up. Someone thought, sod it what can he do to us now, They had to let them go, there wasn't enough room in the barracks for everyone. So the line started swaying like one of those Chinese dragons. The sergeant shouted"This is mutiny" but there was nothing he could do about it. Anyway, I am sure that you don't want to here hear any more rubbish, it's not about CP's. I just thought that I would share a few memories about Geoff.
  2. I am just informing the forum that Geoffrey Taylor, who lived in High Easter, Essex, sadly died on 24th October 2017. Geoff was very keen on carnivorous plants and was quite well known in the Society. The first Kathleen Pottinger Trophy was won by him with a superb S X Courtii. The funeral will be on the 8th December in the south chapel at Chelmsford Crematorium. There will be a gathering at the Punch Bowl pub afterwards, in High Easter.
  3. Sand, UK

    I repotted my VFT's in a mix of the RHS sharp sand and Melcourt. One tray is not growing particularly well. Not sure if it the sharp sand or the Melcourt that is the problem. I might repot in the Spring with a brand of coir that I trust. I spoke to Mike King a week ago and he not sure about Melcourt for VFT's. Jury's out. Mike absolutely raves about Melcourt for Sarries though.
  4. This is important.

    Do try not to block up the forum with a post saying "this is important". It isn't really, is it ?
  5. This thread is going on and on. If someone wants to do a podcast, just get on with it. Just what you are going to talk about I don't know. Probably something like "it's that time of year, time to repot your Sarries"
  6. New Carnivorous Plant Book

    The carnivorous plants by Juniper Joel Robins was over a hundred pounds when it came out. This is what these scientific books cost. They take a long time to write and they are often a fairly limited print run.
  7. Pom pom mirror

    Thought that you written porn porn. Now I see you hadn't, I'll go back to the rest of the forum.
  8. Bill Bailey's wife grows quite a few Neps as well. A wife that is into carnivorous plants, sexy.
  9. few questions

    Stephen is right about Melcourt. For some reason, I have always had the impression that , for Neps, orchid bark would be better. I might be wrong on this and Melcourt may be just as good.
  10. few questions

    Coir is fine for CP's, some it contains a lot of salt so be careful. You can use pine bark in the mix but specialist orchid bark would be better and less likely to rot down. You can try using a Brita filter. Marston Exotics tried an experiment with this water with a VFT years ago and it was OK. Just suck it and see. The Neps you quoted need a minimum of 50 to 55 degrees F. Some Nep growers have found mice and rats in their plants.
  11. Seepage

    I don't know whether you are growing your Zamioculcas zamifolia in the bathroom with very little light , but it doesn't look very healthy. They are normally a dark green colour. This plant is used a lot in an office plant situation, I used to work with office plants. You really don't need a fancy seepage system, just ordinary watering will do. Give the plant much more light though and a little feed now and again. Darlingtonia and Cephalotus don't need fancy watering systems either. Some people might moan that we have mentioned a non-carnivorous plant in the CP section of the forum, but the forum is a bit quiet at the moment, anything to keep it going.
  12. Tiny deformed traps

    I don't know how many VFT's you have but if it is not many you could try submersing the whole plant in a bucket of water, perhaps weighing it down in the water with a plastic milk bottle full of water. Leave the plant for 24 hours, take out and repeat the process a week later. This will drown any aphids. The new growth should be fine then.
  13. New Distiller Equipment

    Incidently, a good tip with a distiller is to run it on a timer so that the power cuts off when it has half an inch left in the bucket part. If you let it run till the end of the cycle so it boils dry, it can get a bit crusty and difficult to clean out.
  14. New Distiller Equipment

    I've used a distiller for years. It does me but I don't have a very large collection in the flat. If you pushed a distiller and set it on three cycles a day, you would produce enough water for a 10 by 6 greenhouse. The problem with rainwater is getting enough, it can be difficult in July and August. RO machines are good but they do waste a lot of water. which can cost you if you are on a meter.
  15. Of course you can, there is not a lot of difference between them. The problem you have is if all you have to collect rainwater is that tray then you will probably run out at some stage. When you say distilled water, where are you getting it from ? Reverse osmosis water from an aquarium shop is not distilled water. It's pretty close though. As I have said many times, I have a distiller unit which gives me a US gallon in about four hours. That is distilled water.