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  1. David Ahrens

    Maxsea ratios

    we are back to people being obsessed with fertilizing their plants. Why can't people just understand that CP's just don't need it are better if you just leave them alone.
  2. David Ahrens

    Where's my rain?

    I've got the still going two or three times a day. I shall take a 25 litre drum of distilled water to my wife's place later.
  3. David Ahrens

    Which plants for a terrarium?

    It's not a huge jar, so you won't be able to put much on display. In my lowland Nep tank, I grow Drosera adelae, which likes the conditions and keeps sciarid flies under control.
  4. David Ahrens

    BBC Gardeners World 2018 pictures

    Thanks Richard. I knew that I had something wrong.
  5. David Ahrens

    Chelsea 2018 photos

    Just as a matter of interest Richard, what have you allowed for the maximum image size now. It used to start off at just under 1 mega pixel, getting smaller as you posted. I have just put some pictures for BBC Gardeners World on at 700 kilo pixels, which kept the size consistent.
  6. David Ahrens

    Posting pictures.

    Hi Guy, I first resize the picture by downloading onto www.resizeimage.net then resize and download onto my computer, it go onto PC on the computer. I then just upload the picture onto the CPUK website posting. I haven't been using Flickr. As with Windows, there are usually more than one way of doing things.
  7. A few pictures from BBC Gardeners World taken on Saturday. 1 Wacky Traps stand which won a gold. 2 Peter Walker from Wacky Traps. 3 Hampshire Carnivorous Plants which won a platinum. 4 David Tite and Matthew Soper from Hampshire.
  8. In the old days when we used to use Malathion, we used to dilute half strength for VFT's, they can be a bit stroppy. As long as you didn't soak the soil, you could well get away with rinsing the Sarracenia under the tap, to wash off the aphids. If you put a VFT in a bucket of water (rainwater) and keep it submerged for 24 hours, maybe weighing it down with a plastic milk bottle. Take it out, then repeat one week later. This will get rid of the aphids. I have never tried this with a squat Sarracenia such as purpurea, but it could work. Hopefully, it wouldn't be submerged for long enough to get the dreaded grey mould..
  9. David Ahrens

    Posting pictures.

    Sorry, just me being a bit grumpy from coming in tired last night. Guy, keep an eye on your pictures because I have a funny idea that when you use a website such as Flickr, the pictures disappear from the forum after a little while. This is what I have been told. If you post directly as I did, they don't disappear. It will be interesting to see what happens.
  10. David Ahrens

    Chelsea 2018 photos

    Thanks for all your comments. I was very tired when I got in last night and I was just disappointed that no one had said anything.
  11. David Ahrens

    Posting pictures.

    Very nice photos. I'll make some sort of a comment Guy. Nobody commented on my photos despite 92 views at this point.