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  1. Platty

    Greenhouse May 2018

    Although I think it has some purpurea in it.
  2. Platty

    Greenhouse May 2018

    Could be. I was sent it as a freebie just labelled hybrid. I really like it!
  3. A few from thr greenhouse. I'll add some more towards the end of the month. Hope you enjoy them. S. leucophylla ' Deer park,AL' D. modesta S. flava var rubricorpora D. binata T form S. oreophila D. muscipula
  4. Platty

    Utric ID please

    Thanks Sean. An unexpected suprise. Survived the greenhouse all winter.
  5. Platty

    Utric ID please

    Hi everyone, Can anyone ID this utric for me please? It's a D. Spatulata in the ba kground for scale. Cheers
  6. Platty

    Are these winter leaves?

    I have some hybrids. Tina, Tempa and possibly Weser. Are these winter leaves coming through? Also any sensible way of getting rid of aphids from them?
  7. Platty

    Advice on tuberous sundews

    Hi everyone, I'm wanting to try a tuberous sundew. Having reading up on them I was wondering as to whether I could start them off in the cool greenhouse and then bring them indoors by a sunny windowsill away from a radiator. I ask this as last winter my greenhouse did get below 5C on one or two occasions. To around freezing. any advice would be greatly received.
  8. Platty

    Green fly

    I currently have aphids on my sundews. Every morning I search and destroy them. But I'm not winning. Any advice would be great. Thanks in advance. Platty
  9. Platty

    Eden Black pics.

    I have lots of leaves at the moment and only around 5 pitchers. What is the secret? mine is on the windowsill sw facing.
  10. I have a VFT and a D. Binata in dormancy in the greenhouse and I was thinking, that with the extended cold weather in the uk, to bring them inside to a sunny windowsill now to get them started. Is this a bad idea?
  11. Hi everybody, I'm fairly new to growing Neps. I currently have: N. alatla N.alba N. sanguinea N. spectabilis in a terrarium. The temperature fluctuates from 20C during the day to around 13C at night and humidity is up around 99%. All has been fine over the winter and they have been producing pitchers. However recently my N. alata leaves are growing small and crinkled and no longer producing pitchers. (It has been producing lovely 4/5 inch pitcher - the last pitcher was an inch. ) My N. sanguinea lids are shrivelling quickly although they have only been opened a month. My N. spectablis is now starting to produce smaller pitchers too! The artificial light is on for 12hours Could anyone help? Should I install a small fan? Cheers
  12. Platty

    Drosera binata - dormancy started?

    It is inside at the moment. Maybe I'll put it in the greenhouse with my VFT to over winter. Thanks
  13. Hi, This is my first year of growing D. binata. The leaves have turn brown and are dying back. It's early October, is this early for it to go into dormancy? Do I need it to remain just moist during the winter until it grows back in the spring? I would upload some pictures but I can't find out how to do it. Sorry Any help would be greatly appreiciated