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  1. Sounds like we're all at roughly the same stage, although Delta's plants seem to be slightly ahead. I have flower buds appearing and the start of some activity at the rhizomes on my sarras. A good number of my vft's are sending up new traps and drosera are appearing throughout my collection ....,
  2. I'm in Kent and my plants have only really been active for a couple of weeks or so.... As it's only just officially turned spring I don't feel behind regarding growth, they really take off once they sprout so you may still get some decent growth before your display mate. What show / display are you doing ?
  3. Cheers fellas, I just wanted something going on whilst all the other plants were dormant....
  4. Yeah they've done ok this far ada, I can't say I'm looking forward to repotting them, I guess I hadn't thought that far ahead when the threw all the seeds in the same pot
  5. Two and a half months in and still doing ok ...... sale plants/IMG_1950_zpstt6zmqe3.jpg.html][/URL] sale plants/IMG_1951_zpse19kcc9p.jpg.html][/URL]
  6. Another month and I had these.... sale plants/IMG_1949_zpshcocbdf2.jpg.html][/URL]
  7. After about a month I had these....
  8. I collected some seed from various vft's whilst I was cleaning them up before their hibernation and sowed them on some moist sphagnum to see if they would germinate indoors over winter whilst nothing else was growing. I covered the pot with cling film and then waited.......
  9. Looks ace against the lush looking sphagnum Ada. This is one carnivor I have trouble with , for some it grows like weeds but I'm not so lucky .....
  10. Yeah, we had minus 3.2 last night Ada.... I think I'm going to have to give the Cephs some better protection this winter....
  11. Yeah I still have that to do Stu but I cleaned up the vft's at least.... Better keep a close eye on ceph's Alex....
  12. Brrrr was 0 degrees this morning in Kent and Essex, had my first windscreen scrape..... I reckon that'll give the plants that still think it's summer a bit of a shock!
  13. I see the brother p700 plug in rrp is around £90. They're going for £30 new on ebay, seriously tempted I am ......
  14. Hi Dave I'm not too far from you either at Chatham
  15. Beautiful set up. It must be a full time job keeping that greenhouse and those plants so perfect....