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  1. Mine have always gone downhill Richard, the only time I had flowers was the first season I got the plants then they'd gradually wither away. I've had 3 or 4 now, my last one was looking pretty poor but has just sent up a nice new pitcher, let's see how long that lasts........
  2. Blocky71

    Nepenthes for beginners

    Cheers @Zerbirus I also read an article saying Christian Klien also sold this as an eymae? I would agree mines a maxima, I was hoping as the plant grew the upper pitchers would take on the wine glass shape but they appear to be the same as the lower pitchers. I'm not sure the eymae would have been as happy anyhow so it was a welcome mistake !
  3. Yeah looking very lush and happy. I have always struggled to grow darlings , my last plant was looking very sorry for itself but appears to be perking up now. I'd love a display like that.
  4. Blocky71

    Nepenthes for beginners

    This is the only nep I own, incorrectly sold to me as an " eymae " which I realise now it's not.... Whatever clone it is, considering the neglect it gets it is pretty resilient, has spent its life on my downstairs toilet windowsill for last 3 years
  5. Blocky71

    Chelsea 2018 photos

    Excellent modification @Richard Bunn Much more straight forward for simpler folk like myself ! Many thanks for your time in listening and resolving ! Cheers chris
  6. Blocky71

    Chelsea 2018 photos

    A trial shot after your tweaking Richard....
  7. Blocky71

    Chelsea 2018 photos

    Lovely displays as always and thanks for taking the time/ making the effort to post them David. This forum is very quiet this year, it always goes dead over winter but usually picks up as the plants begin to grow again ?.... Personally I still don't like the site changes that were made and still find it more difficult to navigate through the posts than it was before. I'e asked questions that have gone unanswered when before there was always a wealth of advice at hand.....
  8. Blocky71

    Posting pictures.

    Same as Guy I rarely add much to this site anymore due to the time and effort involved. I am an active member of a car forum that has an identical layout to this, when I use the " add other media" option it does just that, no faffing about trying to reduce the photo size down to something tiny....
  9. Blocky71

    Posting pictures.

    Looking forward to your pics David. Posting pics is a headache, using the attachment option on here results in me having to reduce my ' photo size' so much that it ends up as a postage stamp sized blur.....
  10. Blocky71

    First mini bog advice

    I have a hybrid sarra and a hybrid purp that both live in undrained glass vase style pots. I bought them in Dobbies garden centre a few years back and although I thought they looked aesthetically pleasing I expected to have to repot the plants to something more suitable. Surprisingly they have done fine and even stayed outside through winter with no issues. The inside of the glass ' pot ' is lined with sphagnum and the middle is peat and perlite. I just flood the pot whenever the green sphagnum turns a bit white, there's been no issues with stagnation which was my main concern....
  11. Hi Gusmou Your plants are thriving, what are your watering methods ?. I'm guessing you don't get much rain to be able to collect ? . Do you struggle to find suitable peat ? cheers chris
  12. That link works mate but the earlier pics just appear as what looks like a ' no entry' Road sign.....
  13. Blocky71

    Vitax Irish peat

    I'm guessing most suppliers if pressured into giving an answer will say their moss peat ' could' contain other matter, similar to food packaging saying ' may contain nuts'. Guaranteeing that something is ' pure' would leave them open to all sorts of claims I would assume and inevitably put the costs up accordingly. I would probably buy it but is there any such thing?
  14. Blocky71

    Vitax Irish peat

    I have asked this question before but got no response, is there a way of testing your media for anything that may be hiding in your " pure peat". Having to pot one 'sacraficial' plant and see how it does over a season before potting the rest up isn't really viable! I have just repotted about 80 vft's out of possibly westlands peat into shamrock Irish moss peat due to their poor growth. I have no real idea though that the media I now use is pure...
  15. Blocky71

    Mystery growth

    Mystery post too