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  1. 2017 Largest Dionaea Trap Competition

    Yup, congrats to everyone for taking part and those donating prizes and organising the comp. I haven't had a great season and my one potential entry (G16) turned black before I got around to taking a photo !. We have 2 of the winning clones, what was yours Stu ?
  2. VFT flower stalk in October???

    Hi there I've seen a couple of flower stalks on my vft's too, has occurred in previous seasons too. I'm not sure what the correct reason is but I usually cut the stalks off this late in the season as I figure the plants are getting ready to rest and should be saving their energy. Cheers Blocky
  3. Sarracenia peaches or exornata peaches

    I appreciate the time you've taken in replying guys and all the info billynomates. If the pic you mentioned linuxman is the one with Stephens daughter holding the plant then that was the one that made me want it in my collection. It was when it turned up, looking not much like Stephen 's and labelled just as peaches that I began to wonder if I'd bought the wrong clone. It's coloured up now and is looking more like what I expected although still only around half the size of Stephens photo. Cheers for your replies
  4. Sarracenia peaches or exornata peaches

    So we have a possible hat trick with this plant..... sarracenia peaches sarracenia exornata peaches sarracenia peaches and cream or could it be a sarracenia exornata peaches and cream ! I'm happy with the 'exornata peaches' as it's very obviously a cross with a purpurea. I'm assuming just a ' sarracenia peaches ' would be a standard looking pitcher with a red/orange colour to the lid, or have the pubescent hair or something?. cheers blocky
  5. Sarracenia peaches or exornata peaches

    Thanks Steve It does help as I believed mine is an exornata peaches but it was just labelled as ' peaches' . I didn't know what ' exornata ' meant so I appreciate your reply. Nice one chris
  6. I have a sarracenia peaches I have also seen for sale sarracenia exornata peaches. Are these the same plant ?, any info gratefully received . cheers Blocky
  7. Hi from Dee in rainham

    My daughter is moving to a house that's still being built just off mierescourt road in a few months....
  8. Hi from Dee in rainham

    One of the golden rules is rain water only Dee, that or distilled or reverse osmosis water. Tap water will kill your carnivores in time, most garden centres unfortunately use tap water so I'd recommend flushing your new plants thoroughly with rain water just in case......
  9. False Widow spiders

    I've seen more of these than the common garden spider this year. some are very obvious with the skull markings on the abdomen whereas others are the same shape but are either just shiny black or lack the skull ..... As I'm no expert I just leave them alone unless they are in the way, in which case I'll relocate carefully.
  10. Hi from Dee in rainham

    Hi there Dee Nice to see a ' local ' member with a new enthusiasm for these wonderful plants. Better plants can be gotten here than in your local ' dobbies or bnq' although I think you have to be a member for a few weeks before you get access to the sales forums. blocky71
  11. Cephalotus problems, possibly root rot?

    Sorry to hear all is not well with your Cephs Baboonum. From what you've said I think you've done as much as you can , removing the dead material and hoping for re growth from the roots. I've had a few Cephs die back for no obvious reason but they've all grown back from the roots, albeit it's a long time till they get back to their original size..... Cephs are prone to getting stressed, it could be a reaction to their being posted, did they come potted ? . I wouldn't of expected every plant to go downhill at the same time though.... It might be worth finding out if the seller grew them outdoors, sometimes a drastic change to their environment can promote ' sulking' and issues. I've never been concerned about humidity , all my plants just sit in trays of water that I allow to dry out for a couple of days before topping up... Good luck mate.
  12. Some questions...

    Figured how to add a link, have a look here mate for my pics .
  13. Some questions...

    I don't know how to post a link but I recently had excellent results sowing my seeds into some sphagnum moss in a clear undrained pot covered with cling film on a bright window ledge. As the seeds germinated I gradually pierced more and more holes in the film until it wasn't really doing anything anymore..... The pot hardly needed any attention until after the cling film was removed then just minimal topping up with rain water. Dionaea and sarra seeds both did well and if you get any joy I'd grow them through this winter, skipping dormancy and pot on in the spring.
  14. Tiny deformed traps

    This can be for a variety of reasons mate but check the plants over for aphids. They can't always be easily seen as they tend to be in at the base where the new growth is or on the underneath of the traps and stalks.
  15. Anyone guess what these are?

    Are they loose in the greenhouse? Or have you some sort of enclosure?. What do you do through winter mate?