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  1. Lack of Pollen

    My Cephs have been looking pretty haggered since winter passed. They've not sprung into life as usual and if anything, looked to be going downhill. I decided to repot the whole lot while they were already looking sad and I'm glad now (6weeks on) I did. Every plant is now putting out new fresh growth and I had 5 flower stalks across 4 plants. Unfortunately none of the flower buds made it to opening. 4 stalks just kind of dried up leaving 1 that still looked promising , that too has now dried up and gone woody before opening. I wasn't after seeds as growing them on is painfully slow for me, I do however partially judge the plants health by how well it flowers. Something's definitely not agreed with them this season. They are only looking now how I'd of expected them to look in march/April time... For once , no sign of mildew either which is usually the culprit for damaged flower stems in my case....
  2. A lot of my plants are grown outside Craig, I'm in Kent but our climates don't vary that much by looks of it.. I have a small unit I keep my fav plants in but like you, have a small garden that would be dominated by any kind of greenhouse. The weather is my biggest enemy, wind and rain do more damage than anything else. Nearly all my plants have seen down to minus 6 and been frosted/frozen over in winter and still emerged fine in the spring. Not that I would condone this, the more protection you can offer the better they will look. If you could rig up a temporary cover for the winter it will not only protect the plants but they'll usually come out of dormancy earlier too so giving you a longer season to enjoy them grow. Personally I would try and stick to low growing plants unless you're prepared to stake each pitcher, its very disheartening to find your collection all lying flat after a storm. Some plants/clones do better than others for me, especially with dionaea, I haven't figured why so far except maybe genetics. Cheers blocky
  3. Hi Craig To get things started are you talking about in a greenhouse or out in the elements? Cheers blocky, oh and welcome!
  4. My first attempt at vft sowing.

    I was gonna suggest what Stu said too Trev, maybe after shredding you'd get a flatter surface?. I'm pretty sure it was close to a hundred percent germination with seeds just scattered on to a clump of sphagnum pushed in a pot. As long as the sphagnum remains sodden it tends to stay fairly flat.
  5. My first attempt at vft sowing.

    I don't do it that regularly, just as a means of ' control ' , mainly on seeds I need to keep covered ( due to the elements) or on anything I expect to take time to germinate. I tried some ' mikes super fast ceph seeds' last year. Although I had no joy with germination the pot remains moss and weed free and is now housing a hummer... In my experience microwaving works, it's certainly never ' promoted' mould.
  6. 7 cephs out of a bin

    I get red areas on the leaves of my Cephs that sit in the sun Stephen, no mildew, just a kind of " blush" on the leaves... By the end of the summer I rarely have any all green leaves . All the leaves take on a purple/ red tinge.
  7. My first attempt at vft sowing.

    I don't have a greenhouse so it was a window ledge trial for me
  8. My first attempt at vft sowing.

    Sounds good Steve, if there's a return of the mould then remove the lid fully and place pot out in the sun ( if poss in wales lol) when you can. The mould doesn't much like direct sun.
  9. Alfred Nimmo

    There's a 3 year gap in this thread but this Alfred Nimmo is still up to no good?. Its outrageous , shame he hasn't t been paid a visit......
  10. My new sundews

    I told you you'd be needing a bigger window ledge ! Seedling vft's and sarras can cope with skipping a dormancy but I'd say your vft, albeit young will require a dormancy period . The capensis is classed as a tropical drosera and doesn't require a dormancy so this may be a reason to split the plants up but I keep my tropical and temperate plants in the same conditions which is fine as long as temperatures don't go to much below freezing.
  11. My first attempt at vft sowing.

    The microwaving thing is something I do with slow germinating seeds such as cephalotus otherwise I find the pots can become overgrown with moss before the seeds have germinated.
  12. My first attempt at vft sowing.

    I think that's the rule Trev, any covering over the pot, as far as planting in peat is concerned anyhow, needs an air gap between pot and cover. As said , I had no issues on the sphagnum, even with the pot ' sealed' with cling film. The clear pot I used had no drainage so I hardly had to add any water either until I had completely removed it. It just made things much less hassle, I'll be trying some ceph seeds later this year when they're ripe.
  13. My new sundews

    That was a nice bonus mate. Whether you leave it or not is purely personal choice, it'll be fine as it is. If you do choose to re plant it then tip whole plant out into your hand and ' break the soil in half, this will reveal the vft bulb which should be easily removed, press soil back together and return to pot. Eh-Voila !
  14. My first attempt at vft sowing.

    It varies on how much peat you are putting in the microwave and how wet it is but I usually put as much as I need into a food bag, tie the top and give it about 3 mins on full power. Keep an eye on it though as the bag will inflate like a balloon, take care undoing it to prevent scalding. Do the microwaving BEFORE adding perlite as that will just melt !
  15. My first attempt at vft sowing.

    If I do more seeds then this time round I'll use individual cell trays as ' pricking out' my vft seedlings was a real pain from that clump I had germinated. I couldn't be bothered separating the sarras so I just stuck the seedlings, still in the sphagnum onto a pot with peat and perlite in . Here's their progress.... eymae/IMG_2025_zpsccgxljfz.jpg.html][/URL] eymae/DSC_0335_zps5ovi0idi.jpg.html][/URL] eymae/DSC_0336_zpsq2blsbye.jpg.html][/URL]][/URL]