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  1. Hi ! Here is an old picture of mine, it's a really slow grower to me... Don't have current picture with pitchers lol
  2. Keep us apdated my friend! However, I can't see any ovata or flava in it, this pitcher is really elongated and has not the round shape of the flava group. Anyway, the shape of that plant is really curious and interesting! First thought was hamata or eddie shape because of the teeth we can see ahah
  3. Hi everybody ! The beautiful days come back and it is felt in the greenhouse, in the temperatures also ... :: e21 It was time to discover the banana trees and palm trees outside. The problem, a lot of grass and bad have settled all around the greenhouse, and it's not very aesthetic. I am also lazy in terms of weeding so I opted for a solution of lazy: cartons and a mulching over. ; So putting up cartons around the greenhouse and around the banana trees / palm tree. This autumn, I made an enormous cut on the only tree in the garden, an Acer negundo. I crushed as many branches as possible, which gave me a big pile of barks. This allowed me to put everything around the greenhouse, over the cartons to give a more natural effect. Normally the cardboard should degrade itself and "kill" the weeds that were underneath originally. Well this is not the most beautiful effect, but I find it cleaner now;) I do not know, but I hope it will benefit bananas and palm as a mulch. Anyway, I could not post only that, so here is a small series of nice plants right now ... :) Enjoy ' N. ventricosa x ephippiata N. maxima 'Dark' x veitchii EP My very old N. inermis who has not moved for months or even years finally gave me thanks for his first pitchers, moreover, uppers ! A nice basal popped up, I have the joy to discover my first lower at the same time ^^ Similarly for N. talangensis, no growth for months, obviously no pitchers either for years but here, first pitcher, and an upper one. Well I hope the following ones will be a little bigger and attractive anyway;) A promising little one, N. truncata 'Giant' x ovata EP A hurdy-gurdy, slowly growing, I still wait for the upper for years, but it does not decide: p N. (lowii x veitchii) x boschiana Another that leaves me very impatient: N. truncata 'Giant' x trusmadiensis N. burbidgeae x platychila who had only vegetated for a year, finally decides also to redo pitchers.. If she could be a female .... :p A plant that I bought years ago as seedling which makes its way quietly, I named N. talangensis x platychila! So here, if some of you have had the opportunity to buy it too, I will be very curious to see what happens to you, because I can hardly tell myself that there is talangensis in it ... lol Well, that's all for this time ... See you soon ! :) Gabin
  4. Well it's recycling equipment from an old Greenhouse. For the 2 sides, it's polycarbonate plates and for the "roof" it's an old greenhouse cover. ;)
  5. Hello everyone ! Small update, I bought a LED kit to put inside the "greenhouse in the greenhouse". The first goal is being to be able to cultivate 2 or 3 lowland species. No heating inside yet , and anyway the temperature at the moment does not allow me to buy lowland plants by having them delivered with that kind of weather. So, space is used by my seedlings and cuttings ...;) A little heating will soon take place and I will wait until spring to be able to try the culture of a N. mirabilis var echinostoma and N. bicalcarata ...;) Meanwhile, 2 pictures of some nice current nepenthes... and N. 'Predator'
  6. Some random shots this afternoon ! N. lowii x campanulata N. ((lowii x veitchii) x campanulata) x truncata N. ventricosa x spectabilis A classic one, N. glandulifera, always beautiful, can't wait for the vine ! the last one, N. veitchii x burbidgeae Cheers ! :)
  7. Hi ! By "media" I mean what is your substrate ? By the way, I'm not sure your stenophylla is a pure one, it really looks like a N. glandulifera hybrid to me, look at hair and dots ! ;) I also love the peristomes on your N. rafflesiana, so toothy !
  8. Really nice mate ! Beautiful plants ! What's your media ? :)
  9. Hi everyone ! After one week of vacation next to the see, I'm enjoying the sun from Normandy and the light it gives to my nep :) N. maxima 'dark' x veitchii EP N. lowii x veitchii making its first pitcher of the season ! Btw, it making it's first flower spike ! Now, I know it's a male, if anyone is interested with.. ;) To end this post, here is the first pitcher since I bought it last year of N. x Mixta ! (Close to the N. lowii x veitchii's flower spike) If anyone interested, do not hesitate ! :) Cheers Gabin
  10. Do you hva e closer picture of your first nepenthes, the one you call N. fusca. Leaves reminds me the ones of N. clipeata, don't looks like N. fusca to me.
  11. This is gorgeous ! Congratulations ! Such a nice Gh and collection :)
  12. Nice shots and plants !
  13. That's right, don't forget that isolation is one of the key to save money with heating :) I don't spend that much of money in winter thanks to that in my GH. I live in north of France.
  14. The last one for the moment, N. truncata x (izumiae x TM)
  15. Hi everyone ! Here is my first upper pitcher of N. burbidgeae x platychila ! I have never seen an upper of this cross yet, love it Anyone else grow this hybrid ? 13428579_10209784055423995_3592125088234545163_n by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr 13406756_10209784055063986_7400659026984112229_n by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr 13427829_10209784055103987_9035819621357389784_n by Gabin Lorandin, sur Flickr Cheers !