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  1. Hope to be there Mike Trish
  2. Fantastic plants Fred,. One of those dark red ones is added to my wish list. Trish
  3. What a fantastic display, you have some beautiful plants , making me jealous here Thanks for letting us see Trish
  4. From the album cps

    Decided to repot a Binata yesterday and when I tipped it out the pot this is what I found. LOL. Never seen it before and wondered if anyone else has. Have potted upo the shoots with a piece of root and will see what happens. Trish PS Hope this work never uploaded pics before.
  5. Have sent you an email Mike
  6. I can get peat quite easily but this year it is just full of weeds so thought I would try a few plants peat free as an experiment but have no idea what materials to use and then I remembered Mike was experimenting and getting good results. So thought I would just ask for advice. Trish
  7. Awesome photos, you must be the person I saw walking around with a big camera LOL Thanks for sending Trish
  8. Can you tell me where to get the milled pine bark from and is it more expensive than irish moss peat? Went to Mikes yesterday and was very impressed with the plants in the peat free mix Thanks for a great day Mike Any help appreciated Trish
  9. Welcome to your new obsession Trish
  10. I love it, love anything weird and different so I think this fits the bill LOL Trish
  11. love Plumechon, multiple teeth, beautiful Going on my wish list too Trish
  12. Just to let you know I have received my plant from Natalie, everything is fine, thanks
  13. Thanks for quick reply, hope everything is OK for them. Dont know if you can have holiday when you run a nursery unless you have family to step in for you Trish
  14. Dont really know where to post this, but I ordered and paid for a plant from President (Natalia) on 16th June and haven't heard anything since. Have PMd her and sent her email but no replies. As I have ordered from her before and received excellent plants and quick delivery,, I wondered if anyone knew if there was a problem or if she was on holiday. Thanks in advance Trish