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  1. I have several flower buds just starting to show. I think the tallest is probably about 4 inches tall. Absolutely no leaf growth whatsoever yet! I was invited to hold a table at the Hayes Horticultural Society open day, in Hayes (Kent) in May. One of the society members was a judge at my local allotment society open day last year, and was so taken by the Sarracenia I displayed, that she visited my polytunnel, and left with a trayful of plants. I left with a pocketful of cash and an invite to the show... I'm not convinced I'll be ready.
  2. ...is there any one else in the south of England whose Sarracenia are being really slow this year? I have a display/sale in May, and might have to cancel due to lack of good quality, saleable plants...
  3. Welcome William!
  4. Thanks for the update Dennis!
  5. Welcome aboard. I think that's something similar to how most people got started. It's downhill all the way from here...!
  6. Welcome aboard, Ben! Never been much of a Pinguicula fan myself, but now I have a little more room to spare I'm intending on branching into some temperate Pings, for the sake of variety, over the next couple of years...
  7. Further to my previous post (in 2004), I changed jobs in the new year. After 24 years working as a Crime Scene Examiner with the Metropolitan Police, I am now a full-time genealogist working for a company which specialises in tracing beneficiaries of people who have died without leaving a will. Look out for me on Heirhunters!!
  8. welcome aboard!
  9. I've just bought 100L for £17.95 Ebay. Bargainest goldmine ever!
  10. I've had my plants on my allotment for several years now and have had a number of greenhouses of varying sizes. But after the most recent greenhouse blew over in some heavy winds last year I have opted for the 6m x 3m polytunnel. I definitely prefer the tunnel, because there is so much more space inside than the greenhouse. I have found that the plants seem to be more susceptible to botrytis in the tunnel in the winter than they are in the greenhouse, which is possibly because the tunnel always seems to be warmer inside than the greenhouse ever was. Oddly enough, the council regulations at the site where my allotment is located state that we are allowed to have only one permanent structure (ie, shed or greenhouse) and it cannot be any larger than 6' x 4' (although the size regulation has been rarely adhered to). But you can have a polytunnel of whichever size you like, and still have your choice of either shed or greenhouse. I will hopefully be re-building a greenhouse this year... So in response to your question: I'd definitely go for the tunnel!!
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