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  1. Loakesy

    CPUK Auctions

    Thanks Keith!
  2. Loakesy

    CPUK Auctions

    And thanks to Sheila for listing and coordinating the auctions on the forum!! It all reminds me that I need to make contact with Roger Thomas (the original donor of the plants) because I believe he has more plants to pass on to the CPS. If that happens They will probably be auctioned here again, so watch this space.
  3. Loakesy

    CPUK Auctions

    No problem! Just glad to have a bit more room in the polytunnel now!
  4. Loakesy

    CPUK Auctions

    I am please to say that the last few plants, which were sold through the forum, have been posted to the respective winners. To be honest, I'm glad it's over!! :) I shall shortly be sending a paypal payment to the CPS for £100, which was raised by the auctions, which will be split 50:50 between the CPS conservation fund and the general running of CPUK. Thank you for all that bid and well done to the winners!
  5. They will most likely get bundled together with other plants that are auctioned. If that doesn't work I guess I'm open to offers. If I get none, it's the great greenhouse in the sky for them!
  6. Loakesy

    Hi from Dee in rainham

    Hi Dee Welcome to CPUK. I was born in Rainham - many years ago!! Number 3 Windermere Drive. Not been back there since I was 3. Just thought you might like to know...!
  7. Thanks Keith! Sorry for the delay, I'm hoping to be able to post plants after the weekend.
  8. Hi Ezza. I'm back from my hols now and will be in touch shortly!
  9. Hi Robert. I'm back from my hols now and will be in touch shortly!
  10. Loakesy

    Auction 441 Sarracenia purpurea hybrid

    Thanks BHJ. Money has been received. I probably won't get a chance to send your plant until the weekend.
  11. Having seen a similar looking plant in someone's collection over the weekend, I now suspect that this may be rubra ssp wherryi, but no guarantees!
  12. Loakesy

    Spent Compost

    If my old soil is clean (ie, not overcome with weeds or pests) it goes straight back into the bin with the rest of my soil, mixed in and re-used. Why waste it? Anything that us unusable goes on to the compost heap