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  1. Thanks Richard! Will do.
  2. Does anyone from the committee know, or can you advise me, how I can obtain a duplicate copy of the most recent Planta? I gave mine away to my father-in-law recently, so now I am without... Thanks!
  3. Nice looking plant! I wouldn't use boiled water. All boiling it has done is concentrate the dissolved solids even more, rather than remove them. Rainwater is best. Give it loads of direct sunlight.
  4. Just Don't let talk you into buying any of the many non-carnivorous Dionaea that should have been composted at birth!!
  5. You've past the point of no return, you may as well go the whole hog. You know you want to!
  6. Welcome aboard, Michaela! Like this
  7. Welcome aboard, Hannah!
  8. t form

    I may be coming your way then Richard!!
  9. t form

    Unfortunately I already did. They don't look good. I haven't completely given up yet, but it doesn't look good!
  10. t form

    Sorry, Richard. It's not looking good. I think my pot of T-form may have to end up on the compost heap. I'm not feeling hopeful!
  11. t form

    Actually Richard, I'm still waiting to see if it recovers from the winter as it's showing no sign of new growth yet. If it does, you're in!
  12. t form

    I'm sure I heard somewhere recently (may have been at the ICPS Conference?) that there is only really one recognised form of Drosera binata, and that is "Drosera binata". All other forms and varieties are unofficial and unrecognised by botanists, and are basically all variations of a theme anyway, regardless of how many time the leaves divide. <lights blue touch-paper and retires to a safe distance!> Saying that I have a plant that I received from Alastair Culham a few years ago, which only splits once. I've never tried propagating from seed though! And, yes, I have it labelled as "T-form".
  13. Welcome aboard, Jonathan! I think there are one or two here who live roughly in your area, certainly in East Anglia generally...
  14. Welcome aboard, Helmut!
  15. It is a Sarracenia hybrid. It will always be a Sarracenia hybrid, and it's very dangerous to label something as a named cultivar just because it vaguely looks like one in the right light with one eye closed... Unless you have the details of the plant direct from the grower to prove it is a named plant, you should label it as hybrid. Saying that,, it's definitely got some Sarracenia purpurea in there, but anything else will only be a guess!