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  1. Hi Ezza. I'm back from my hols now and will be in touch shortly!
  2. Hi Robert. I'm back from my hols now and will be in touch shortly!
  3. Auction 441 Sarracenia purpurea hybrid

    Thanks BHJ. Money has been received. I probably won't get a chance to send your plant until the weekend.
  4. Having seen a similar looking plant in someone's collection over the weekend, I now suspect that this may be rubra ssp wherryi, but no guarantees!
  5. Spent Compost

    If my old soil is clean (ie, not overcome with weeds or pests) it goes straight back into the bin with the rest of my soil, mixed in and re-used. Why waste it? Anything that us unusable goes on to the compost heap
  6. I promise I'll make it one day Ian and Dianne. Unfortunately, tomorrow's not possible! Enjoy though!
  7. Planta Carnivora

    Thanks Richard! Will do.
  8. Planta Carnivora

    Does anyone from the committee know, or can you advise me, how I can obtain a duplicate copy of the most recent Planta? I gave mine away to my father-in-law recently, so now I am without... Thanks!
  9. Look what I got through the mail today.

    Nice looking plant! I wouldn't use boiled water. All boiling it has done is concentrate the dissolved solids even more, rather than remove them. Rainwater is best. Give it loads of direct sunlight.
  10. My little collection is growing!

    Just Don't let talk you into buying any of the many non-carnivorous Dionaea that should have been composted at birth!!
  11. My little collection is growing!

    You've past the point of no return, you may as well go the whole hog. You know you want to!
  12. Hello (Servus)

    Welcome aboard, Michaela! Like this
  13. Hi!

    Welcome aboard, Hannah!
  14. Drosera binata 'T Form'

    I may be coming your way then Richard!!
  15. Drosera binata 'T Form'

    Unfortunately I already did. They don't look good. I haven't completely given up yet, but it doesn't look good!