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  1. Thank's yes it's only for neps seeds. If you have a link with a good grow light because i have not windows near.
  2. Thank's for reply what could i use for a mini terrario (about 50x40x30) whit the E27 ?
  3. Hi! I see that lamp for germination. I want use for grow nepenthes seeds. Can i have a opinion for this lamp? Thank's so much!
  4. As always, nice dealing with you, Sabrina!

  5. Great seller,healthy plants and perfect shipping!

  6. Merry Christmas *-*
  7. hi guys, i start to grow utricularia terrestrial.. can you write me what's the best substrate for grow this species? Thanks so much! :)
  8. ok thanks =)
  9. Hi guys! last years i grow from seeds Nepenthes Dubia... this is the photo... Someone write me and say that it' isn't a Dubia.. so what do you think? ;)
  10. beautiful plants
  11. thanks so much
  12. hi!! I've a terrarium 100x50x60 my problem is... for cool the terrarium? there's a site who sell cooling system??
  13. it's beautiful!! how much it costs for energy?