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  1. Excellent, please let me know which one you go with, I've got dichrosepala as well from gemmae earlier in the year, i used 2 parts course quartz sand to one part peat, they are doing fine at the moment but haven't grown this one before! Mark
  2. That's exactly why i want to get some to! I've sent a few emails off to try and find a supplier of laterite, you can get laterite clay from pottery suppliers, but that is slabs of unfired laterite, maybe see if a local clay pot maker or such can create some for you? Mark
  3. Nice plants cheers for sharing.
  4. Yep gas that's the other one that's good for plants, you can get moler from the bonsai sure i posted which is the same, you can buy it in three different grades, it's about £13 for 30 litres, it's meant to be a better quality than cat litter or so they say, the pumice is the same for price and grades. Mark
  5. Some Bonsai growers in the UK use tesco low dust cat litter instead of the more expensive akadama and other clay products. Mark
  6. I'm using tesco low dust cat litter in ping mixes as well as 100%for pings and they love it! Going to try a 1 peat 1 cat litter 1 course quartz sand for my nepenthes Attenboroughii. Mark
  7. Hi Nigel, cheers for the heads up. I'll definitely let you know once i find a source, bonsai tree specialists usually have a lot of different rock and clay products, that's where I've sourced pumice, other volcanic rock and moler in different grades, here's the one I'm going to use soon Even IKEA has pumice now! I really do love some nice aggregates! Mark
  8. Funnily enough I've looking for laterite as well, all I've found at the moment is from aquarium shops and not really in large amounts, here's a link to API website with the product, they have a find stockist feature. Mark
  9. Thanks for correcting my mistake Dennis! Best regards Mark
  10. I think his nep collection was donated to Chester zoos national collection Mark
  11. Mark
  12. I personally use the tesco cat litter for pings at the moment, but have no experience with it in a ceph mix.
  13. Cheers for the ping porn [emoji3] Mark
  14. Cheers for sharing, they really are stunning! Mark
  15. Thank you very much for the photos, your plants all look very healthy, nice setup to! Here's a quick couple of photos of my Heliamphora under the LEDs Mark