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  1. Spaghnum starting on peat

    Cheers, I use shamrock as well, the last two bags I bought contained really dark peat and a lot finer than the bags I bought a few years ago, the other stuff was a light brown with a lot of chunks in it Mark
  2. Spaghnum starting on peat

    What brand of peat do you use? Mark
  3. Yep that's fine, once got the older version and it works great Mark
  4. busco pinguicolas

    Welcome to cpuk Mark
  5. Pygmy flowering

    Very nice! You should see Gibsonii flowers they are nearly the same size as the plant! Mark
  6. Anybody had problems with

    Also on his website he's days a lot is available, but when you make the order he hasn't got most of what you want, I ordered 6 plants that were meant to be in stock, but when he finally got back in touch a month later, only one of them was in stock, even tho the website still says they are in stock!!! Mark
  7. CPS email newsletter released

    Unfortunately, I still haven't received the email newsletter. Mark
  8. What is this moss

    Yes defo not sphagnum, the moss it's completely fine, you always get different mosses growing on top of the peat after a while Mark
  9. I'm really lucky as the tap water in Edinburgh is only 33ppm Mark
  10. Attention

    Yeah seen this person on eBay, he's selling a 17 cm Robcantleyi for 200 odd pounds! I bought one that was 15cm from the ICPS conference last year for £30!!
  11. RHS Harlow Carr CP weekend 13 & 13th August

    Nice one, hope I can get down to it! Mark
  12. Hiya, from Glasgow

    Hi Sean, welcome back! I'm over in Edinburgh, 5 members and myself meet up around Edinburgh monthly, we also visit each others collections for open days. At meets and open days we have plant swaps and giveaways. You would be more than welcome to attend anytime! Feel free to pm me for more details. Best regards Mark
  13. U. alpina and woodlice

    Oh didn't realise they could be tropical, cheers for the input Mark
  14. U. alpina and woodlice

    I received some orchidioides utrics from a grower and all of them had signs of little pink/orange woodlice that are only about 3mm long, they have been in this pots for a couple of years now and no harm to the plants, they especially love the nelumbifolia pot! Mark
  15. Windowsill growing

    Here's a couple of my windowsill plants, I'll take some new ones tomorrow. Mark