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  1. Oh didn't realise they could be tropical, cheers for the input Mark
  2. I received some orchidioides utrics from a grower and all of them had signs of little pink/orange woodlice that are only about 3mm long, they have been in this pots for a couple of years now and no harm to the plants, they especially love the nelumbifolia pot! Mark
  3. Here's a couple of my windowsill plants, I'll take some new ones tomorrow. Mark
  4. @Richard Bunn cheers for that! Mark
  5. Hmm, I haven't received any emails in 7/8 months! Mark
  6. Looks like ventrata, but a better photo would be helpful Mark
  7. Far left pitcher is from the same plant in previous photo, on the right bill bailey uppers Mark
  8. Here's my one with an upper pitcher Mark
  9. Cheers Carl Mark
  10. Here's utricularia quelchii illu tepui in flower, yay Mark
  11. I was just about to order some orchidioides utrics from them, to complete my collection, not sure if I will now, as what had happened to you is bang out of order! Taking someone's money and them 4 months down the line no plants!! A bit of PPP in my book! Mark
  12. Oh okay, I take that back then if you weren't referring to me! Mark
  13. Excuse me I want moaning, is appreciate it if you don't make assumptions!! Some one asked and I have my opinion Mark
  14. Matt even sells a dark sanguiana and it looks nothing like black jack! Mark
  15. I would definitely say hybrid as I've got a vining and flowering one that I've had for 5 years, that came from Matt. Defo not pure sanguiana, if there is any of that species in it at all, mine looks very close to Rebecca Soper, and there are a few clones of RS. Mark