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  1. ian

    About Me

    Hello Martin welcome to the forum.
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    Hello Hayley Welcome to the forum.
  3. ian


    Hello Hayley Welcome to the forum.
  4. Stick with your family and friends, I hope the "other people" have flies infesting their kitchen. Buy some more CPs!
  5. Nearly as good as mine he lied.
  6. ian

    Hi There

    Hello Debs Welcome, you are certainly in the right place to to pick up hints and tips, most of them helpful.
  7. ian

    Hello from Norfolk

    Hello Christopher, welcome to the forum.
  8. Thank you Marcel. We don't all have Facebook. Hope some of the info filters down to CPUK.
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    Greetings friends!

    Hello Tea, welcome to the forum and all it offers.
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    Hello from Spain!

    Hello Fernando, welcome to the forum.
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    Hi all!

    Hello Chris Welcome to the forum and good luck with your bog garden.
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    Hello Nelson Welcome to the forum.
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    Chelsea 2018

    Well done to you all.
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    Hello everybody !

    Hello Tristan Welcome to the forum.